Friday, 31 October 2008

A cup of tea

This post starts whith a little piece of the wonderful book P.S. I Love You, by Cecelia Ahern:

"Holly took a sip of her tea. Oh, the wonders of the magical tea, the answer to all of life's little problems. You have a gossip and you make a cup of tea, you get fired from your job and you have a cup of tea, your husband tells you he has a brain tumor and you have a cup of tea...."

She is an Irish writer, so I suppose that also here people love tea. Maybe an English heritage, I'm not sure. I also love tea. When I was younger, my parents used to make chamomile tea at home. Just after some years I started to try other flavors. But I don't know a lot of people that really love tea. Most of them prefer coffee or juice or Coke... Maybe because it's too hot in Brazil most of the time, so it's not that great thing to drink something hot everyday... If there is somebody that reads this blog and doesn't like tea, please tell me why!!

Well, the fact is that I really think that a cup of tea can give you some minutes of happiness. Yes, I have this theory about other drinks and food too. Why not? It's so good when you can bee happy with all these small things... Of course there's nothing magical in it or you will have no problems after drinking or eating something, but I like the feeling, just that.

So, here I am, at the beginning of my first winter in Europe. It's really cold outside and I started to drink some cups of tea everyday. A simple cup of tea warms me up. It's really, really a good feeling. And there is another good thing: I drink less coffee. Mainly at night, when the coffee make you feel sleepless.

My favorite flavor is berry, in general... Raspberry, Strawberry, Loganberry. All mixed work better. One cup in the morning, another one at the nigh. Simply like that.

Maybe you can join me for a cup of tea someday!


_Gabriel said...

I don't have a favourite flavor of tea, I guess. But I like it and also think that a cup of tea can give you some minutes of happiness. My mother LOVES it. She drinks it every damn day when she comes from work. Even now, in this hot-as-hell spring in Brazil :P

Anonymous said...

I'm so joining you. But I stick to the "Matte Leão" tea. And... and... and... I hate cold tea.

Clarissa said...

Well, I looove tea. It´s really hard to drink when it´s so hot though, but, you know, it´s so good to drink a cup of tea in the morning, that I still do it - even in this hot-as-hell spring, as Gabriel said.

It´s not the same feeling as to drink a warm cup of tea when your body is all cold and then you fell the heat getting all over it...hehe

My favorite tea is vanille, no doubts on that. But I also love that kind of spícy tea, like chai tea and also the "yogi tea" they have in Germany (See if you can find it in Dublin - it´s really worth it!).

Karlota said...

Wait there! It is not a traditional tea yet! You need to add some milk in! ;)

Glauce Lucas said...

Karlota, I don't drink milk and I still had no courage to add soya milk in any kind of tea! ehehehehe


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