Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Global warming

I had planned this post for the Vegan MoFo but my internet didn't help and I couldn't download the images that will illustrate this post. But the good (or bad) thing is that this is a theme that we need to talk about every day. It is urgent, it is important and this week the richest countries in the world are not doing their best to help. But we can, with big or small steps, we can help to save the planet, to save ourselves.

My uncle Nani is a famous cartoonist in Brazil and he has been drawing and writing about various serious issues (national and global) for the last decades. Last year he published a book called "Aquecimento Global: Cartuns Inconvenientes" (Global Warming: Inconvenient Cartoons) that put together his recent work about the issue. In Portuguese we use to say when somebody doesn't understand what you talking about something like that: "Did you understand or should I draw it for you?". As a lot of people seems not to understand some important and serious issues like the global warming, Nani decided to draw them :P And he allowed me to publish here some of the cartoons of his book. I chose the ones with no words, so everybody can enjoy them and not just the ones who speak Portuguese.

I have faith in the world and I'd like to have faith in the people too!

PS. Se você é um leitor brasileiro, o livro pode ser comprado aqui!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

And December arrived!

First of all, I am stoked that it's already December. Time is really flying. Last December I wasn't that happy and a lot of things were hard for me with my moving to Dublin. It was my first Christmas in ages far from my family and friends. But now things are getting better and I am excited. Matteo's family is coming in the end of the month and we'll spend some great time together.

Last Saturday I delivered a vegan cupcake order for a wedding reception and it was really good to see everything ready:

I am still busy baking (have some orders for next weeks) and having no time to cook and write here, but I think it's better in this way. But yesterday I made white risotto (or
risotto alla piemontese). It was almost like the traditional one (of course in a vegan version), but I added some personal touches: some parsley, cherry tomatoes on top and I baked some potatoes wedge because Matteo always thinks that risotto is not enough for a meal. And he said that my risotto is better than his and this is really nice coming from an Italian guy.

I still want to post some things here (like another interview) this month and I will organize myself to make it!

Happy December!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Das Ox-Kochbuch Vier - Ox Cookbook 4

I am super excited today! First because I'm baking almost 200 vegan cupcakes for a wedding party next Saturday. Second because the cookbook from Germany with my vegan recipes is out and my copy arrived today! It looks great and I am so happy :)

The special cover

I already blogged about the book and you can read it here!

One of my recipes

You can order yours here.

December arrived with a lot of great news for me and I'm really loving this month.


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