Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Vegan Mofo III - Day 14 - Ox Cookbook

Some weeks ago I told you that I had great news and now I can share the first one with you!

With all this great vibration around the Vegan MoFo and everybody blogging delicious vegan recipes around the world, I am proud to announce that I will have 5 of my vegan recipes in the German cookbook Ox #4! Last May I got the first email of the lovely Uschi Herzer talking about the idea of the book and inviting me to be part of the new edition. And of course I said YES. So we decided that I would have five recipes (all of them with a Brazilian touch). The book will be released soon and it's German. It will be so cool to see the recipes in German (even if I don't understand more than ten words...)! And it's even cooler because I have some German readers here in the blog too, so they will have a opportunity to share some of my vegan recipes with their friends that can't read English.

About the book and the history of the project:

Ox - The cookbook

Almost twenty years ago Uschi and Joachim of the German punk/hardcore fanzine Ox stayed with guys of the "Hippycore Collective" in Tempe, Arizona who back then created their own vegetarian and vegan cookbook "Soy Not Oi!", nowadays a classic. A couple of years later Uschi and Joachim had published so many vegetarian and vegan recipes on the recipe page of Ox that they had enough to put together a whole book, plus some more sent in by readers, bands and other scene people. Of course "Soy Not Oi!" was a big inspiration for the birth of the "Ox-Kochbuch" which just got reprinted in its 8th edition. Since then every 3 or 4 years a new cookbook followed, each one packed with more delicious recipes that actually work because they are all "field-tested". All recipes come with a soundtrack for cooking. In late 2009 cookbook #4 comes out, and Uschi and Joachim already have new plans for 2010: an exclusively vegan cookbook, consisting of the best vegan recipes of the first four books plus some new ones. So feel free to send in your favorite recipe! (And yes, all the books are in German ...).

More info here!


Carlota said...

Eu quero este livro!! eu falo alemão (e leio melhor ainda), e seria o máximo poder ler receitas veganas em alemao..

beijoss e
Auf Wiedersehen!

Sal said...

wow that is awesome!! congratulations!!

Glauce said...

Carlota, voce podia escrever pra eles e ver se eles fazem um precinho especial pra mandar pro Brasil! Beijos!

Sal, thank you! I'm so excited to see the book :D

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!
I have the other 3 OX- cookbooks and had NO idea another one was bound to come!
And how exciting to have your recipes published in it!!!!

Anonymous said...

And maby you would be interested to know that I'm actually in the first and originial 'Soy not oi!' with some recipes.
Yes, I'm already that old ;-)


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