Sunday, 4 October 2009

Vegan MoFo III - Days 3 e 4 - Pizza

Well, well, I was hoping that we would finish moving yesterday but we are not done yet. I am not feeling that great so I can't help Matteo as much as I would like to do. But we are almost there and tomorrow we will be in our new apartment, bigger and beautiful (and one block away from the old one!).

But even the food comes at the right time. I was thinking about making my post number 3 about pizza and this is actually all we are eating these days. Not the great one that Matteo makes, but a good one from a pizzeria close to here (I took some pictures but the cable is at the new apartment and the computer is at the old one), so I chose this one that is from Matteo's family's in Italy. It was there that I learned that the Italian way to eat pizza is like that: one big pizza for each person! And that's the way I keep on eating it!

I really love pizza (as you can see here) and couldn't let it out of my Vegan MoFo top food!

Sorry about the short text but I have to go back to packing and unpacking stuff. Hope I can have internet soon at the new home :)


Karina said...

Eu não deveria ter colocado a foto do presente, mas não me aguento... espero que vc goste! Fiz com o tecido que eu mais adoro, dos anos 70.

me mande depois seu endereço no meu email

em troca quero meu postal heim!


Anonymous said...

Pizza não podia faltar!

xthingswesayx said...

Transmissão de Pensamento.
Enquanto vc estava no meu blog, eu estava aqui lendo o seu...
Respondi pra vc lá...
E vc não imagina: no final de semana eu estava morrendo de vontade de comer pizza!

Ah! Preciso do seu endereço novo! Me manda por email? Tudo completo? Endereço, telefone...
<3 Beijo pro meu casal preferido


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