Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Vegan MoFo III - Days 6 & 7 - Soup

I feel that I am walking (better, blogging) in circles! Hope this is not a bad thing, but to write about the food we cook a lot and that are my favorite ones I will repeat myself.

We moved. Everything is at the right place and I started cooking at the new kitchen. Today I bought some stuff, so I'll have some news here soon! With the Autumn, the cold is arriving (and I love it!) and I started to cook soups again. Yes, I told you before that I love them. Potato one is my Top 1. And I cooked it yesterday night for me and Matteo after a very busy day. There is no big secret about making soups, you can make them with basically everything! Yesterday I decided to add spinach and onions and garlic on it. I don't like to use raw onion and garlic because the taste is to strong, so what I did was to fry them with water. I know that a lot of people fries food with water, but I'm not used to that, so it was something new for me and I love it! I used one vegetable stock cube too. And we had a great meal, followed by some Guitar Hero game after :)

So, until now, my top vegan food special to Vegan MoFo has:
1. Cupcakes
2. Mushrooms
3. Pizza
4. Soup

I will make a top 10. And I still have a lot to tell you related to my vegan world!


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xthingswesayx said...

tá com uma cara boa...
eu adoro sopa! se pudesse, tomava todo dia, mas com o calor que faz nessa cidade não tem a menor condição!


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