Monday, 5 October 2009

Vegan MoFo III - Day 5 - All about... Barcelona

Today I'm not blogging about my favorite food but about another passion: traveling!

Finally I have time to write about the vegan places I went to during my four days in Barcelona! My Brazilian friend Lubia lived there for an year and gave me some great tips (gracias!). I couldn't check them all, but I went to good places with Matteo and family.

So, here there are the places:

*Juicy Jones:
we took some time to find the place (not the street) because it's a small door with the name in graffiti letters that we didn't understand at first what was about. It is famous because of its juices but we went there for lunch. Everything was vegan! When you arrive you can't imagine how cool it is inside with all the colors. It's really a great place. The staff is very nice and the food is amazing! We had the “plate of the day” that was seitan with mushrooms and tomato sauce, salad and baked potatoes. My sister in law asked another option that was rice with a vegetable skewer and a very good sauce (with nuts). I also had a strawberries with orange delicious smoothie. And, of course, we had TAPAS!!! We couldn't go to Spain without trying this typical dish! We chose the black olives one and it is great. It's a kind of pate that you eat with fresh bread.

Address: C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella

* Gelaati!: if you heard that Italy makes the best ice cream ever, you did hear right! Doesn't matter where you go, if you find an Italian shop, you'll be happy. And a lot of them have vegan ice cream. In Barcelona, we went to this one, Gelaati, that is in the Barrio Gothic (in the Old Town) and have soy and rice options. We got both rice options they had that day: strawberry and chocolate. So, so good!

Address: Llibreteria 7, Ciutat Vella

* Vegetalia: this is a place that we found at HappyCow (because we had another tip but all the reviews said that the place wasn't good, so we decided to try another one). And I'm glad we went there. It was a little bit hard to find it and I had my feet with big blisters after tree days of walking but it was 100% worth it. I loved it. The restaurant, the staff, the food. The menu is vegetarian but they have a lot of vegan options. I asked for a vegan paella (another typical dish that we had to try!) and Matteo ordered a “capricho” (it's a dish that is the specialty of the restaurant), that is rice, seitan, eggplant and a delicious white sauce (that tastes like a tahini). My mother in law got the veggie burger of the day (vegetarian) and my sister in law had sweet potato with brie.

The famous (vegan) paella

The amazing "Capricho"

Address: Escudellers 54.

And during the nights, we had the luck of finding an Arabic restaura
nt close to our hotel (that wasn't in the central area that has most of the vegetarian/vegan places). I can't believe that I don't remember the name now, but I will add it here when I find the name and address because this place saved us every single night with its delicious hummus, falafel and spinach snacks.

Hope the tips can help you in Barcelona! And if you have any other great vegan places in the city, please share it with us!

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Leandro said...

me amarro em ver descrições sobre restaurantes vegans!
vou anotar as dicas..quem sabe um dia né hehe


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