Thursday, 4 December 2008

A little bit about... Paris

In January of 2007 we (me and my husband) went for the first time to Paris, it was our delayed honey-moon. I have to say that the city is everything people say, is everything you see on the movies... Well, Paris is everything! We spent just three days there and it was enough to have lot of great memories.

But lets talk about the food, the vegan food. We went there by ourselves, with no friends in the city or somebody to help us with the places to go. All we had was a map and the website Happy Cow. It was the first time we were consulting it too.

First day, we took some notes and went out. The restaurant we went that day was a macrobiotic one, called Grand Appetit. When we arrived there, a woman helped us because we don't speak French. She said we did a great choice, that the restaurant was amazing. We asked the most popular meal and took a seat. What can I tell you? I think I am not a fan of macrobiotic food. Not at all. Neither my husband. If you like this kind of food, probably it's really the best place to go (it has always great reviews at Happy Cow). Well, coming back to our adventure, that day we left the place still hungry and stopped at a small and nice store (close to Pompidou Museum) and we bought tons of vegan food to take to the hotel.

On our second day, we decided to try our second option in our precious list: La Victoire Supreme du Coeur. This place is absolutely amazing! It is top 1 at Happy Cow and I have to agree with them. The place is beautiful and fine. And the food is amazing! They have many options of vegan food and desserts and the best thing: they're opened at lunch and dinner time (until 22h30), everyday. And I saw now, checking their website, the place is now bigger and they have more vegan options. We went there the rest of the days we spent in Paris, to have lunch and dinner. If you go to Paris, you must go there at least once!

Hope we can come back to Paris soon and have more tips for you in here ;-)


Clarissa said...

Great, now I know where I'm going to eat from January 8th to January 12th. ;)

Glauce Lucas said...

And, Clarissa, I forgot to write that this awesome restaurant makes vegan "feijoada" too! Well, they used to make it, hope it's still at their menu =D

Joao Paulo said...

Voce nao tem noção do quanto gostei de ver seu comentário no meu humilde blog+podcast.

Vou começar a acompanhar a sua aventura na gringa :)

Em Agosto pretendo estar por aí pela Zooropa :)

Beijos Glaucinha!


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