Sunday, 21 December 2008

All about... grandma

This is a hard post to make, but I'll try to make it in a happy way because it's about a special and happy person: my grandma. She passed away two days before last Christmas and this is my first Christmas without her in fact (last year was so confused with the funeral and stuff) and without my parents close to me. But she was the funniest and the happiest person I met in my all life, so I try to keep just the good memories about her.

I didn't meet my other grandma, so she was always the only one. And she was my godmother too. And I never met other woman like her. Always strong and always trying to see the good side of everything. Always making jokes, even about her own problems. When times get hard to me, I think about her. She used to love Carnival. For years, she made costumes and went on the streets of the small city she lived with lots of friends and relatives to celebrate and dance. She didn't like her birthday, so every year she used to choose one
day to be the “birthday day”. She was religious, but didn't want to go to heaven. To her life on earth was the only one she knew and the sky seemed to be boring (with just “white clouds and souls dressed in white”). She always knew she wouldn't live after her 84th birthday and that's how it was. She didn't like go to weddings because “I went to mine and it wasn't that good!” and she loved Christmas.

We used to celebrate Christmas with a big party every year the night of December 24th. My mother's family isn't that big (considering most of the Brazilian families), so we used to be together – my parents, my brother, grandma (and for some years, my grandfather too) and all uncles and nephews, at our house in this small town (just her lived there in fact). And she always arrived carrying the big red bag of gifts and using Santa Claus' hat. This is the best memory ever. And that's why I still love Christmas. Not because of the religious part, not because of Santa Claus, not because of the gifts. Because of my family and because of my grandma.

It wasn't easy to her to understand why I decided to be vegan. She grew up in a farm and used to cook with animal fat for years. When I told her that I wasn't eating meat, eggs and milk anymore, she was really pissed off. She couldn't believe I wouldn't eat her food anymore, and most important, I wouldn't eat all desserts she used to cook with love for me. But after some time, she started to think about some alternatives. She found out a place in that small town that had soy and she learned how to cook some vegan food for me. And after, for Matteo. She loved him. It was love at the first sight. She used to call him “Matteozinho” (little Matteo) and everything she was cooking was for him. Sometimes she forgot about the things, and asked us if we wanted something with chicken or meat, but it wasn't to make jokes (like so many people do), it was just hard to remember or to understand. She was doing her best.

She was the best person I ever met. She will always be an example for my life. She was my sunshine and she will be always in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Loved it. I'm sure she was a lovely human being. And I can understand your words.

Oh, the best part was the wedding one. Really made me laugh. Awesome!

=D =*

Kleber said...

Little Sister,

that's wonderfull way to describe our granma, I could't stop my tears when I was reading your beautiful test.

I will try translate it to our parents and will take it to them.

About this Christmas, we (me, Gizelli, Dad n Mom) will pass the 24th December night together. :)

We all miss you and gran very much, and I hope can travel to your new home, with our parents, next year to make a new experience of our "old happy family Christmas".

I love u so much.


Mia Wallace said...

O texto me emocionou...mais ainda por tê-la conhecido.
Sua vó era mesmo uma fofa!
Amo você

Anonymous said...

I guess here is the only place to comment you back. You can use my pics for whatever you like! If you have an email, email me at and I'll reply with the photos. I have a couple of Forging Friendships too if you need them.
Thanks so much!


Lúbia said...

Comadreee...Que texto mais lindo!!! Adorei demais!

Sei que é difícil se acostumar com a ausencia de pessoas tão importantes nas nossas vidas, mas isso que você fez é a melhor coisa pra começar a superar! É como repassar todas as emoções e as lembranças e no final decidir que o que deve permanecer são as coisas boas. :)

E quantas coisas boas! Quando vc falou sobre a transição para o veganismo, foi a mesma coisa lá em casa. Lembrei tanto da minha mãe...Sempre se virando pra encontrar adaptações de suas receitas não vegans. :p

E esses dias ela me falou: "Ai...fui no supermercado comprar as coisas para o natal e me deu um aperto no coração quando vi as coisinhas que vc gosta... Ainda bem que tem o Leandro!" ^_^ hehehe

Gostei muito de vc ter me mandado o link. E ó dos meus propósitos pra 2009 é atualizar meu blog e entrar mais nos dos amigos! Tá super lindo o seu. E, embora não consiga comentar em inglês, to entendendo tudinho! \o/ eee!

Besos, guapa!

Karlota said...

Nossa baby, que bonito. Sinta-se uma privilegiada por ter tido uma pessoa tao linda assim do seu lado, por tantos anos :)
Esteja onde ela estiver (no ceu ou numa festa muito mais animada) ela esta feliz por voce! Bjos!

upior said...

beautiful story, I guess everyone loved your granma


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