Thursday, 8 October 2009

Vegan MoFo III - Day 8 - Vegan for life

Maybe you don't know, but I became vegan after starting to go to hardcore shows in the end of the 1990s (I'm celebrating 12 years being vegan this month!). If you are already a reader of this blog, you know that hardcore is a big part of my life and I have some posts about it. And because of that I sometimes write about hardcore bands or lyrics that I really like and that I think have a great message.

If you are a vegan in the hardcore scene, you know who are Earth Crisis. You may don't like them or don't agree with all the ideas they have, but you know them. So do I. And I'm glad that there are bands that still care about writing lyrics about veganism.

The first album of Earth Crisis is from 1992, the last one, 2009. During all these years I see people becoming vegan and coming back to eat meat in the hardcore world. That's the way it is and I think it will be always like that. But I am glad that I had the opportunity to read and learn more about veganism and could make my choice, a choice for life. And I am still writing about it too.

Earth Crisis - Morality dictates
Gomorrah'S Season Ends - 1996)

Crowded against one another, or penned into an artifical environment.
Unbearable lonliness, separated
from their fellow creatures contact.
Individual innocent beings, each cow, sheep, pig, goat or chicken.
Viewed as a product to processed.
Raised only to be slaughtered and consumed.
Murdered victims enshrouded with false names that deny their suffering.

Beef, mutton, pork and poultry.
Creatures torn and butchered only for the petiness of the flavour of their decaying flesh.
The carnage of the slaughterhouse is all completely unnecessary for sustenance of techonologically advanced mankind.
Constantly brainwashed from the beginning
to believe the opposite of this truth.
The brutality is anacceptable.
I strive to end the exploitation.
Morality dictates.

Morality dictates. Morality dictates.
Morality dictates that I live vegan.

Earth Crisis - To the Death
(To the Death - 2009)

(Just a piece of the lyrics):

Meat, dairy industries connect
To end with the same fate
Enslaved and entombed
I disengage the death machine
Boxcars, stockyards – the killing floor
Decapitated in the abattoir
Partake suffer the consequence
Anthropocentric arrogance
Beneath the glare
Days of agony are spent
Caged, chained or penned
Above a floor of wire fence
Every basic right denied
Even the freedom of movement
Inescapable insanity
Dominates every moment
Vegan for life
Vegan to the death

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Robb Edge said...

I think it's 11 years since I first listened to Earth Crisis. I can get behind this. :)


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