Friday, 16 October 2009

Vegan Mofo III - Days 15 and 16 - Trick or (vegan) treats

There are many things that are not so popular in Brazil that we have now in Ireland: Halloween is one of those things. Last year I didn't have time to enjoy the arriving of the fall and all the pumping-treats-stuff-around-october, so this year I decided to get involved. So, guess "who" is in the house?!

Hello, Irish pumpkin!

I already did an easy and fast meal with a piece of it (nothing special, just rice and cooked pumpkin with beans), but I am planning to bake my first pumpkin cupcakes next Sunday!

For the Halloween night I'm not sure if we'll do something, but I really like the "trick or treats" thing. I read that "In Ireland and Scotland guising is traditional, and the American jocular threat is not practiced, just "treats" (in the form of "apples or nuts for the Halloween party") given out to the children dressed up as ghosts and witches." I would be happy to have some treats, even not being a child. Better, a vegan treat! Or, maybe because I am not traditional with the celebration, some chocolates and cupcakes like these:

I love Organica chocolates and the Hazelnut bar
now comes with the label "gluten free" too!

What do you want for your Halloween?

PS. Today I am really happy 'cause I just started a new column in a big website in Brazil. It's a column about what we can do for a better planet (showing products, companies, places and people). It's in Portuguese, of course, but it's one of my good news and I want to share with you.

PS 2. Em português: Estou muito feliz pois estou começando uma coluna nova no portal mineiro Uai, no Mundo Ela. O primeiro texto foi publicado hoje! A coluna é sobre como podemos cuidar melhor do planeta (irei mostrar produtos, empresas, lugares e pessoas). O link da primeira matéria está aqui! Em breve terei o meu espacinho, que se chamará Chá Verde, depois publico o link definitivo.

PS 3. I'd like to thank my Russian readers for the visits! I didn't have any visits from Russia before and this is really cool ;)


Jeni Treehugger said...

So happy to hear about your column! That is super news.
The Irish really love Halloween - I should know I spend Halloween with about 10 Irish fiends.
Make sure you get to try some vegan colcannon (if you've not tried it already)

xthingswesayx said...

iguaizinhos aos meus cupcakes.
fiz uma nova tentativa.
ah! adorei o artigo na revista...

Filype said...

Eu quero os dois, pode ser? =D

Glauce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glauce said...

Jeni, thanks a lot! Yes, I could see last year that Irish people really love Halloween but I don't know if I will celebrate yet, but the treats are awesome! Last year we made a kind of vegan colcannon (I think I blogged about it), but I want try another recipe that I saw these days :)

Tathi, muito obrigada <3

Lype, pode querer sim <3


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