Thursday, 4 November 2010

My personal (vegan) chef

This November me and Matteo will celebrate 6 years together (L). And looking back I'm sure that we always shared everything to make our lives easier - and happier. People say that I'm a lucky woman and I know I am. But I think that having a guy at home that helps out with the daily stuff is not that hard to find anymore (or at least, shouldn't be!). And because this blog is all about the (vegan) food, I'll limit the post to the cooking. Me and Matteo always shared the cooking at home. He's great in some kind of food, I'm good in other things and sometimes the restaurants are the best place to be. And now that I'm staying out all day to work and study, he's cooking more than never.

Last Sunday we were watching a Jamie Oliver TV show. I have to say that as a vegan I almost hate him, but he's a good chef and when I see him doing vegetarian (and also vegan) dishes I try to get all the good tips and use them. We watched three of four episodes and Matteo was very excited after it. On Monday he went to the supermarket and bought tons of stuff to cook as a real chef ("better than Jamie Oliver, cause I'm vegan!" - his words, couldn't agree more).

When I got back from College on Monday night I had this waiting for me:

Focaccia sandwich with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, olives and fried polenta cubes

Chocolate cake + yogurt berries ice cream

None of these pictures are good enough to show how good everything was and I had even more amazing food on Tuesday, but I didn't take the pictures (was too hungry to think about them, sorry!).

It's really amazing to have someone to share love and passions and important choices like the veganism.

Today I didn't have classes and I baked some tomato rosemary scones, from Isa Chandra's book Vegan Brunch. Yep, it was my turn and my chance to say thanks to this amazing guy ;-)


Juliana said...

congrats for the 6 years birthday!
and i have to say that i share the same fellings abou jamie that you, hahahaha
awsome food, nice pictures !
are you participating of the MoFo this year too??
xo, Juliana

Anonymous said...

Olá. Bem, espero que seu português não esteja enferrujado... Sou vegetariana e estou planejando ir para a Irlanda. Para morar. Queria saber como é por aí no sentido de alimentação. Mas, me responde também... Você foi para aí como estudante? O visto é tranquilo? Sim, eu tenho muitas duvidas ^^
Alias, achei sua comida acima de tudo muito bonita^^

Adventures in Veg said...

Congrats Glauce and Matteo!! ♥ xxx

Juliana said...

are you talking about the "Are you sure that's vegan?" cookbook? i have it too ! it's pretty great ;)
i already tried the 'banana nut bread' and the 'choco chip cookie' :) i loved them both...
i'm trying very hard see as many blogs as i can on vegan mofo too ;)

Jill said...

Happy anniversary you two! It's so nice to have man who is good in the kitchen. I can tell the food was super delicious, especially those yummy sounding sandwiches!!


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