Friday, 3 December 2010

More vegan products in Italy

Last week we had to go to Italy to a short trip. The reasons weren't amazing but it was great to be there for a couple of days. Me and Matteo could relax a little bit and enjoy all the homemade vegan food and love that are always waiting for us there.

It's funny how countries have different vegan products. Italy doesn't have vegan cheese, but it has lots of biscuits and ice cream. Ireland has a lot of vegan cheese options, but not amazing biscuits and just a few (and expensive) ice cream options. Italy has vegan pizza everywhere. Ireland has potato wedges. I could keep going, but this was just to make a point: no place (that I know) is perfect, so I always try to enjoy the best food each place has.

We didn't go out too much but I could take pictures at home and in the supermarket of some great products that we had tried there this time:

This was how we left north of Italy:

This was Dublin last Saturday morning:

And this was Dublin after 5 days of heavy snow (nobody was ready for it, but it was amazing and the city looks even more beautiful!):


Anonymous said...

que inveja desse tanto de opção! (e que linda a neve. pode ser problemático e tals, mas é linda né)

Jill said...

Italy has so many great vegan products! Did you get to try that Bene-si ice cream from the Coop? I did and it was soooo good, especially the hazelnut!!! The chocolate misura croissants look good too. I only saw the apricot ones. Hope you ate one for me :)

Glauce said...

Minha relação com a neve ainda é de amor (sempre será), mas com uma pitada de ódio a partir de ontem :P

Jill, I did buy the chocolate hazelnut ice cream and it's perfect. It's impossible to me to go to Italy and don't have ice cream, even in the winter you know! The chocolate croissants are new and they are delicious and I did eat one for you :)

Tea and Sympatico said...

Those chocolate croissants look great.Interesting to see different vegan products.

Cinthia Bracco said...

Ei Glauce! Saudades...

Te mandei um e-mail há um tempinho, vc recebeu?

Poxa, que delícias esses produtos, hein? É muito bom poder encontrar várias coisas vegans!!

Beijos e mande notícias quando puder.

Cinthia. =]

Adventures in Veg said...

So jealous of all the amazing options there! I love vegan ice cream but it is so expensive here, you're right.


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