Wednesday, 30 May 2012

All about.. Rewild

After three weeks in Rome me and Matteo finally had the chance to go to Rewild, the only vegan restaurant in Rome. It's said to think that a 5 million people city has just one vegan place to eat. Well, better than nothing. They open just for dinner and it would be too late to go with baby boy - and we're still fighting to get him a new routine after the moving out of Ireland - so we asked them if we could go earlier and they agreed to open the doors like two hours before to have us ;-)

The place is not that close from city center but you can get there by subway, so it's all good. It's a nice and big salon and people are the nicest. Their menu is huge, from starters to deserts and they have the classic Italian way of eating: starter, primo, secondo, dolce. And we wanted it all!

I have to apologize for not having good pictures but I only had my phone and it was dark there. But I'll go back - as many times as it's possible - and I promisse a good photo shoot in the future.

First me and Matteo ordered two sandwiches, with different types of burgers. Both delicious (and huge!). Than for primo(usually some kind of pasta) we ordered lasagna and raviolli (and these pictures aren't nothing close to show how good they were). We could stop here and just ask for dessert but we asked for secondo (usually meat). I asked for a kamut seitan and vegetables medallion and Matteo got a sliced seitan thing. I didn't taste Matteo's one cause it was time to breast feed little boy but mine was a piece of heaven!

To close the night - yes, we had more - we asked for the veganisu, or vegan tiramisu, of course. It was great that I could order it for two reasons: it's made with orzo and not coffee (and I'm not having coffee) and it doesn't have liquor (to attend their straight edge audience)! I have just one thing to say about it: I could it a piece of this veganisu every day of my life.

So, if you come to Rome - better, when you come to Rome - don't worry about seeing the Pope but go to Rewild!


Anonymous said...

It all has to start somewhere! I find it encouraging that there is at least this one eatery- It can only start interest and build momentum. The world is becoming more vegan every day, and I'm excited by this beginning in Rome. Sounds delicious, especially that tiramisu!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh a vegan restaurant in ROME!! wow! the land of cheese and bolognese and they have a vegan spot! wooo! exciting! your meal looked fab! especially the veganisu! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That meal looks delicious - and I usually don't like the look of veg dishes... Thanks!!


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