Tuesday, 3 March 2009

For the Earth, the Oceans and all form of life

Here I am to spread some great news: the Italian hardcore band TO KILL, from Rome, is releasing a CD with to songs to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

"Evoking the Maelström

The defense of the animal rights always had an essential place in every heartbeat in To Kill. We always tried to spread this value as much as we could with every tool we had. through our songs, talking at our shows, in the interviews we did..... this, together with some other ideals, was a key issue of the band, as important as our music.

During all these years involved in the enviromentalist movement we've got to know so many organizations and collectives, together with a huge amount of hearts filled with this passion that we also share.

Of all those organization there was one that always caught our interest and that always received our support as individuals: the SEA SHEPHERD CONSERVATION SOCIETY. Since 1977 these people fight every day putting their lives in danger for what they believe in, defending the oceans and the wildlife from the violence that sometimes (more and more often actually) mankind is able to create. With direct action and passion as their main weapons in reaching their goals,with the lead of Captain Paul Watson, this group of bravehearts deserves all of our support.
So We decided to release a mcd and devolve all the income to this organization to support them in their daily struggles so that we can help them in their endeavour with what we have: the chance to express through the hardcore scene.

So we are writing this announcing to all of you the release of MAELSTRÖM. 2 new heavy and honest songs which are 120% Tokill.

We are really happy to share with you the first material we have done for our new record which is coming out in fall. these 2 songs are, as usual, the result of everything we are, we tried to push ourselves to the best of what we can, putting our hearts and our blood into our music.

To these new songs we added and old "classic" re-recorded to which we also added something new: the song "1001 days" which was the first song off our first record. and since we wanted something more we will also have a bonus track with a spoken word from none the less than Greg from Trial and Between Earth and Sky and music from our friend Christian Di Vito (myspace.com/christiandivito). We are so happy Greg agreed to work with us since he has been with his band and his lyrics source of inspiration in our hc life, so with this occasion we also had the chance to get to know him better or, for some of us, to know him for the first time in our life, and we are really thankful of having him as a friend... Greg is also going to be our guest vocalist in one of the songs and this is simply amazing to us.

The recordings have been done with the help of our friend Alex JM @ HellSmell studio, and mixed and mastered from Riccardo Pasini @ Studio73 (Ephel Dual, Memoryes of Apocalypse, This is a Stand off).

We have to express our gratitude to Matteo@Nexus Enterprises and Lexi@Desperate Days Designworks for taking care of all the visual aspects of this release, lending their precious time to the cause and wanting nothing more in return than being a part of this project.

Special thanks go out to Theo and Rob@Gsr records for letting us do this release in complete freedom and for always being more than supportive with us.

The cd sounds amazing and we really had a hard time deciding which song to put on myspace due to the fact that to us they are both amazing, heavy and catchy even if they are different one another.

Maelström will be totally self produced just to be sure that all the money will go for the benefit and at our shows you can obviously decide to overpay it and we will make sure everything will go to Sea Shepherd.

Make sure you'll get your own copy, support them with all the help you can give them and if you don't know the sea shepherd conservation society, please check them out.

MAELSTRÖM will be released in the end of april but stay tuned to find out a preorder and an online way to get a copy. it will obviously be available at all of our shows as well.

For the Earth, the Oceans and all form of life."


Ariel said...

ciao Glauce, sì che mi interessa questo articolo! se hai testi in italiano mandami, che pubblico a tuo nome (la nostra inviata all'Avana, ops! da Londra...)

Clarissa said...

Muito legal a postura deles,né?


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