Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fell in love with the seasons (or just being boring)

Today I read an article about “what you shouldn't do on Twitter” and one of the rules is “don't write about food or the weather”. They say you will be less popular talking about this. Well, I think there are the same (and a lot more) rules about what to do or not to do in blogs too. And here I am running a blog about food.

And today I will get more “not popular” points writing about the weather. Not exactly about it, but about the seasons of the year (boring the same, I know). But as a Brazilian girl who spent most of her life living in a hot as hell city it's really exciting have the chance to see the seasons coming and going and the weather changing. We arrived in Dublin the last autumn. It was great. It wasn't that cold, the leaves were falling, everything was yellow and orange (and green, Dublin always has the green).

Than the winter came. I was so excited about my first true winter! In my home town when it's cold 20ºC everybody starts to use coats and scarves. So, even being sick most of the 3 months of winter, I loved every minute I spent between here and Italy. I saw the snow for the very first time, I started to go out with 3 or 4 jackets on, I saw the snow again and again (and got emotional every single time). I spent Christmas with snow (and not with 30ºC).

And now it's time for the spring. Everybody says spring is amazing. It's beautiful and colourful and a little bit hot (I think here in Dublin it's never too much hot). Spring in Brazil is beautiful too, with all the amazing flours and trees we have there but it's hot as hell again. And I am excited again! Can't wait to walk between all of this, to go to the sea, to go to a lot of parks and make some pic nics. Yes, I know, it seems silly, but I am enjoying every moment, maybe just because it's the first year. But it's still cold these days I got sick again and I'm waiting for hotter days. While we can't see a lot of flowers outside, I started to bring some of them to my universe:

Let's wait and see what spring reserves to me!

PS. No, I'm not excited about the summer (even here), but I know I'll be later because a lot of good things happen during summer time in Europe!


Anonymous said...

Not silly at all. Seasons change is one of the most beautiful things in life. It's almost poetic, hehehe.

Enjoy your "new" spring like there's no tomorrow.

Ps.: Luved the second pic. The window one. =D

Clarissa said...

As Filype said, not silly at all!

It's a good feeling to look forward for spring and summer to come, and the sun, and go outside, hang around...and when you start to get tired of all these sunny and hot days, it's time for the leaves to fall (oh, I just love autumn!) and then you start to look forward for the cold days to come, the snow, the hot just don't get bored. :)

Here it's always green, always sunny, always (way too) hot - you get sick of it. You know exactly what I mean. ;)

Glauce said...

You both understand me because we are all Brazilian people, I'd like to know if people that have all these changes always just get used to that and don't think it's magical anymore ;oP


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