Wednesday, 16 September 2009

"these days still mean everything to me" *

Is the end of the summer (a great one, I mus say!).

Is the end of my hard work (on Friday).

We have been living in Dublin for ONE YEAR! Time really flies.

We will move to a bigger apartment (in October).

The husband is still cooking:

Rice + beans + spinach + falafel burger

I am still making vegan dessert ('cause we can't live without them!):

Vanilla ice-cream and chocolate pave

And sometimes I go to the kitchen to make some good stuff like these spinach pancakes (or crepes). The recipe is the same one I use for the regular ones, but I added tons of spinach! It was beautiful and it was delicious :)

(* Speechless - Bane)


Clarissa said...

Ai, eu quero muito panqueca!!! Sempre falo isso, né? Mas eu fico realmente com água na boca quando vejo! :)

Anelise Csapo said...

Que delicieza! Quero panqueca já! O dom que eu mais invejo é o das pessoas que sabem cozinhar...hahaha


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