Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back from Barcelona!

I'm back after five days in Barcelona and it was amazing! First time in the city and I loved it. We (me and Matteo met his mother and sister there) had a great time and saw a lot of places. The city is lovely and we went to some great places to eat too (yes, you'll read about it here this week).

VeganMoFo starts tomorrow and I'm really excited about it! We're moving to a bigger apartment on Saturday and I have some other news to share with you soon too. That's a great begin for this Autumn.


Lex said...

Barcelona is so awesome! We were just there a few months ago! Check out our Vegan Gluttony there

Happy Vegan MOFO!!!!!

Glauce said...

Happy Vegan MOFO! I went to some good places and I can see them at this website, hope I can help with some tips too :D


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