Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Polenta flour - Part I

A few days ago Matteo bought a package of polenta flour. I won't write too much about it today 'cause I have some plans about this for the next days, but for those who don't know, mainly my Brazilian friends I could say, polenta flour is corn flour, the flour we all use to make polenta. Having said that, this post is about the dough that I did today for our lunch pancakes (or crepes, call them in the way you want).

When my best friend Clarissa came to Dublin in March I cooked the frittata for her and Dennis and she decided to make them back home. She did the first day just as my recipe but for the second time she didn't have chickpea flour and she decided to use the corn flour and said that it had worked perfect. So yesterday I decided to use the polenta flour to make some pancakes. I just changed 1/2 cup of the regular recipe. The final result was amazing. The dough was soft, with a great texture. I did the pancakes opened and used the soy sauce that was supposed to be the filling as layers.

And if you want to make some gluten-free recipes, this flour is a great substitute as well! It is tasty, gives a nice yellow color to your dish and it is delicious.


JennShaggy said...

I know! I wish I had other options at this point, but I may have to do it for the sake of a paycheck (if I even get it).

This food looks soooo yummy!

Bianca said...

Polenta pancakes!! Yes please!

Clarissa said...

Eeeeeee! Que gracinha! <3
Fica bom, né? Tô doida pra fazer de novo!
Quando vcs vem pra cá pra gente cozinhar juntas? ;)

Glauce said...

Não fiz a frittata usando ela, mas tenho certeza que ficará ótimo também. Mas meu próximo post será sobre polenta de verdade ;D

Então, nem me fala, queria tanto ir prai no verão, vamos ver como vai ficar, meu calendário ainda está o mais desorganizado da vida!

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