Friday, 28 May 2010

Risotto primavera - pic by pic

First, a confession to make: I cheated on the title. It's not exactly "pic by pic" 'cause I missed one or two steps. But the most important steps are here. A lot of people think that it's hard to cook a risotto. I disagree, but maybe I have some Italian gens that I don't know about them in my body, 'cause I really think that risotto is one of the easiest dishes too cook.

You can find the recipe I usually use here. For this one I used spinach and mushrooms.

Garlic, always garlic. And if you like, onions too.

Rice + spinach + mushrooms + water + vegetable stock cube

The final (and super important) touch: the vegan margarine

5 comments: said...

Yum, I love risotto. I totally agree that it's one of the easiest things to cook, in fact it was the first ever vegan meal I made for myself. You just need a little patience for all the stirring - I really enjoy that though!

Eco-Vegan Gal said...

You inspired me to make risotto tonight and it came out beautifully - thank you! Recipe will be up on my blog tomorrow if you're interested. : )

Anonymous said...
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Tati said...

Hum, amo risoto.
Eu faço um com abóbora que fica demais. =D
to te seguindo também


Juliana said...

muito bonito ! tô com fomeeee ! rs


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