Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Polenta flour - Part II

Here I am, back to talk about the polenta flour and the polenta dish. Polenta is a traditional Italian meal and it's from the north of Italy, exactly from where Matteo is. And he loves polenta. And I don't. I tried hard but I don't like it at all. Of course I eat it sometimes but it is not the kind of food that would be in any of my top lists.

A couple of weeks ago Matteo bought the polenta flour and he was pretty excited about it, so I decided to give another chance to the dish. Matteo cooked the polenta flour (it's easy and fast to do) and served it with tomato sauce with mushrooms and vegan cheese (Tofutti Mozzarella)
melted in the middle (the traditional way would have gorgonzola cheese). I can say that I prefer it with this way, but it's still not my thing. But if you are a fan of polenta, this is a good tip.


Dianne said...

I still have a lot of cornmeal to use up, so I might try this! I'm like you, I still haven't really gotten used to polenta. It's not like any other food in texture or taste!

Anonymous said...

Po véi, polenta é show! hehehe.

Minha "trip" total. =D

Bianca said...

So was the cheese and tomato sauce inside that ball of polenta? That sounds awesome! I love polenta but I've only had it sliced and fried up or served hot in a bowl like oats.

Glauce said...

Bianca, the tomato sauce + mushrooms go just in the top. Cut the polenta in the midle when it's ready and hot and put (just) the vegan cheese inside it ;)

Clarissa said...

Mas como que faz a polenta? So cozinhar com agua? Depois vc assa? E depois corta? Tenho que fazer!
Polenta rules!
Angu tambem - pra honrar as raizes! hehe

Glauce said...

Clarissa, essa farinha é uma mistura que fica pronta mais rápido ainda que quando usa só a farinha de milho (mas é o mesmo jeito de se fazer), só colocar na água fervendo e mexer por 1 ou 2 minutos. Depois é só colocar o creme em qualquer lugar, tipo prato fundo (fica tipo o nosso angu). A gente colocou numa vasilha de comer cereal, depois que ela endureceu, tirou e cortou no meio pra colocar o queijo :)

Ah, por falar em queijo, encomendei 2 queijos da Vegusto com um menino daqui que fez um pedido pela internet!

JennShaggy said...

Thanks, Glauce! I definitely will enjoy it.

That polenta looks divine, by the way. Now I'm hungry!

Clarissa said...

Quantas xicaras de agua pra quantas de farinha de milho?
Aquele queijo rules. Nunca mais comprei. :( Tenho que ir na loja vegan de novo. hehe

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love polenta. And now I really want to try it with some tofutti in the middle.

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