Monday, 14 June 2010

All about... The Happy Pear

Dublin has some vegetarian restaurants, most of them with good vegan options, but it's not a big list, so every time I go to a place here I feel like I will be writing in the blog about something or places that people already know, but I still think it's worth it to spread the word and to give different points of views of the same place.

This time I'm not writing about a restaurant in Dublin, but in Greystones, a lovely coastal town located on Ireland’s east coast. I went there before (the last time in March with a couple of friends) but had never been in the vegetarian restaurant The Happy Pear. I had read a good post about it at the blog of my friend Aoife (Adventures in Veg) and I couldn't wait to try the food there. So, a couple of weeks ago I went there with Matteo and my mother-in-law in a lovely and sunny Saturday (with our luck, we just got off the train and the weather changed, but it was still fine).

The Happy Pear is run by two twin brothers and it is, in fact, a natural food market with a café and a restaurant. The place is always crowded, with tables outside and at the first floor. They have a good selection of salads, main courses that change every day, soups and desserts. Me and Matteo had a paella + potato salad + hummus and my mother-in-law had a squash lasagna (vegetarian) + fruit salad. My meal was delicious. And I also had a slice of chocolate with nuts, really, really good.

After you eat, go to the food market and I'm sure you won't leave there with nothing in your hands. They have a lot of amazing homemade products and organic fruits and vegetables. I bought a strawberry jam, peaches and bananas. And their prices are good too, cheaper than Dublin.

If you come to Ireland and decide to take a short train trip, go to Greystones, walk on the beach and have a nice time at the Happy Pear :)


Aisling said...

I love that place!

Jill said...

The Happy Pear looks so nice! I wish I'd had a chance to visit Greystones. Maybe I'll just have to come back someday to visit you and eat their food :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovely name: The Happy Pear.


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