Wednesday, 16 June 2010

An excuse for ice cream!

It's almost summer time and even if I usually eat ice cream the whole year, it's always good to have one more reason to eat some delicious vegan ice cream. Last year I was invited to have some of my recipes on the German cookbook Ox #4 (Das Ox-Kochbuch Vier). You can order the book here if you speak German :) But because of the book is available just in German I decide to share here on of my favorite recipes that is on the book: the strawberry pavê. It is an easy dessert and I hope you all like it!

Vegan Strawberry Pavê

1 litre vegan vanilla ice cream
150g sliced strawberries
1 cup sugar
100g plain biscuits
Strawberry syrup (optional)

Leave the ice cream at room temperature for a few minutes and beat in a electric hand-held mixer to cream it. Bring back to the freezer. In a small sauce pan, place the sliced strawberries and the sugar and let it cook until make a syrup. Set aside and let it cool. Separate a part of the syrup, without the strawberries pieces to soften the biscuits (here you can use some soy milk - or coconut milk - instead of the syrup too). In a glass pan, make a layer with the biscuits, another one with the ice cream and one more with the strawberry syrup. Repeat the process until the end of the ingredients. Take to the freezer for 5/6 hours. At the time of serving, decorate with strawberry syrup and some fruits.

* This recipe was inspired by one of a good friend of mine, that has an amazing blog (in Portuguese), Aceita um café?. Thanks, Cinthia!


Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention...................................................................

Anonymous said...

mmmm, I could have this all year around too.


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