Monday, 7 June 2010

All about... Insomnia Coffee

I already had showed my love for coffee in this blog. If I could I would drink coffee all day, every single day of my life. But, as we all know, balance is the key for everything, so since last year I've reduced the amount of coffee that I drink every day (and replaced one or two cups for the decaf coffee). I usually have coffee at home, but I love to go out to have coffee with friends or family.

And this post is about the best place to go in Dublin: Insomnia. They are the largest coffee and sandwich retail chain in Ireland. You will find stores everywhere in the city (and also in the other Irish cities). Their menu is pretty much the same of the Starbucks menu, but their products are (a lot) cheaper. They have soya milk too, so you can have one caffe latte or one mocha. They use fairtrade and organic coffee too.

This weekend I went to two stores with my mother-in-law (she is Italian and drinks a lot of coffee): in Greystones and in Dublin (the closest store of St. Stephen's Green Park). It's a nice place to sit back, enjoy the coffee and talk. And it is a local option.

Support your local companies, stores and products.
Support organic and bio products.


Anonymous said...

Good to know! I wish I'd been a coffee drinker and vegan back when I studied abroad in Dublin... heh. Ah well - next time!

ElwoodK_Rank佳玲 said...
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Luby said...

Ontem mostrei seu post para meu chefe que andava meio coffeeholic. Ele se identificou e hoje já apareceu na empresa com seu potinho de café descafeinado. ;)E eu contei pra ele do mocha (mágico!)que você me preparou quando fui aí e fiquei com vontade de tentar fazê-lo aqui. Como foi mesmo que você fez? Beijinhos!


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