Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Meu Brasil brasileiro

With some friends at Vegacy - São Paulo

I'm in Brazil to see my family and my friends. The last time that me and Matteo came here was June 2009. One year without coming is a lot to me. But I'm doing the best I can. It's great to be home, to be with people that love me and miss me.

Vegan breakfest in the hotel: bread + strawberry and goiaba jelly

The flights from Dublin to Belo Horizonte, my city, stop in São Paulo, so we decided to stay one day there to see some friends (some of my best friends live there), get tattooed and eat. The best thing is that our tattooer (Teté) is also the owner of the vegan restaurant Vegacy, that we love, and both are in the same street. Couldn't be better. We had an amazing lunch there, went to the studio and came back in the evening to meet some people. I finally finished my arm that I start 4 years ago and now I have the ocean in my skin (L). Everything was perfect. I wish I could stay more days there cause I couldn't see everybody, but we don't have too much time and had to come to Belo Horizonte.

Itubaína: can't believe it was the first time that we drank it, too good.

Vegan lunch

In the end of the night we went to a pizzeria with Teté and his girlfriend and ate two awesome pizzas. Expensive, but very tasty.

There is good vegan food and products in Brazil and I'll try to post here as much as I can in the next few days, I'm taking pictures of everything.


Juliana said...

eu amo o vegacy. é parada obrigatória qndo vou a sampa :)

Clarissa said...


Cinthia Bracco said...

Foi muito divertido! Sempre bom encontrar vocês. Beijos ;-)

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