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Hey, we got that PMA *

I'm super late to write about it, but I don't care, this place deserves a post. In my last visit to Brazil, we went there during the 3 days we were in São Paulo and we'd do the same if we stayed 30 days. This amazing place is a vegan restaurant called Vegacy. Of course São Paulo has other vegetarian options, but I'll w
rite just about it today (even because it's the best one).

Last June Vegacy completed 4 years. The restaurant is an idea of my friend and tattooer Tete (Fernando Franceschi), a vegan straight edge guy that has a tattoo studio called PMA and decided that was time to offer a vegan place to everybody in São Paulo. During the first 3 years, Vegacy was located in a small and nice gallery in one of the most famous streets of São Paulo (Rua Augusta). This gallery used to have some restaurants and a common area for people to eat. Vegacy always had an “all you can eat” system. The food is amazing, the people who work (and had worked) are the coolest people ever and it's a vegan place. There is nothing better than going out to eat without having to ask about what you can or can't eat. And because Tete and everybody that helps keep the restaurant going on are involved in hardcore, they always helped us with the international tours we did with Hurry Up!, making special prices and many times feeding our bands for free the days we were in town.

Tete at Vegacy "new home"

In June of 2008, while we were there with the US band Bane, a surprise came for the guys: the gallery was sold and they had just a few days to close the restaurant. It was a big shock for everybody. But, those guys know how to keep the “positive mental attitude” (PMA) and they started to think about a new place. They wanted a place in the same area because they had built a great number of loyal customers (vegan and vegetarian people
and also people that worked around and liked the food – and the price). The good news came after some months: they found a place in the same street, even better, in the same block. But they had a lot of work to do, reforming the entire place. Vegacy was closed for some time and in the beginning of 2009 they reopened at the new place.

I'm always in touch with the guys there and I knew the place was great before even going, but I was so curious! Some of my friends were saying a lot of good things too and I was happy to know that Vegacy was back, “stronger than ever”. In a Monday of June, after the Have Heart show on Sunday, we all (me, Matteo and the band) went to the new Vegacy.

My first impression was “wow it's big and so beautiful!” and I could see with my eyes that all effort that my friends had put in it was worth it. The new Vegacy is the best place to eat in São Paulo. It's big, comfortable, beautiful. Everybody that works there is nice and you can stay there for hours, just chilling after eating. They kept the “all you can eat” system and the food is always good, with a big variation too (they have 10 hot dishes and a big table with 10 different salads and also 2 options of juice of the day – that is included in the price). The place has 2 floors and the food is served on the second one (but you can choose eating in the first one too). And they have amazing dessert options, including vegan cupcakes!

And when I thought that nothing could be better, it could: they're open until 9 pm and have sandwiches, snacks, desserts and juices. Of course we went there at night to try the sandwiches. We got a lentils burger and a chickpeas burger and they're are so delicious! And of course we ate some snacks (and took some to eat at the hotel too).

What I can say to end this long post is: if you go to São Paulo, you MUST go to Vegacy! It's a vegan paradise in the big city.

And more people agree with me:

"A trip to Sao Paulo is not complete to me if I don't go to Vegacy. It has a rich menu, including snacks, sandwiches and desserts. Besides having a great location, close to several other points that I love in the city, the atmosphere is very nice and you can spend some time there chatting and seeing friends."
Fabiano Aguiar, Belo Horizonte, MG)

"Vegacy has some additional good points for being a 100% vegetarian/vegan restaurant and because of its location. I love the variety of the menu, that always includes roasted food or sufles and also some Italian dishes. Talking about dessert, my tip is to have the cupcake, made by the restaurant, which, to me, is the best of São Paulo. Another cool thing is that from Wednesday to Saturday they serve “a la carte” options and also pizza. My favourite pizza is the one with tofu and broccoli, the best vegan pizza I ever ate. The restaurant is also different from the others in the city because all of its cook staff is vegetarian, something very difficult to find here in São Paulo."
(Athos, São Paulo, São Paulo)

"The first, and only time, that I ate at Vegacy was when I was on tour with my band. We just arrived in São Paulo and we needed to get lunch before going to the venue of the show and the suggestion was Vegacy, which, by the way, has a great location. I have heard very great things about their food and was excited with the idea to prove it and to know the place. We were very well attended and the food exceeded all my expectations, it's really delicious! Vegacy was in a kind of gallery, which offered a nice and airy environment. Next time I go back to São Paulo, Vegacy will be a stop for sure."
(Roberto "beto" Martyres, Curitiba, Paraná)

“First of all, I want to congratulate Vegacy for the excellent atmosphere and the great menu. Besides the place being pretty nice, the food is spectacular, with a lot of different flavors, where the pleasure increases bite after bite, and any kind of over-eating-guilt disappears, the health thanks and all for a good price. The service, the drinks, the staff attention, kindness and concern with everybody make this place wonderful. Today it is difficult to find places with all these qualities together! Thanks, Vegacy. I'll be back soon!”
Mariana Ramos, Brasilia, DF)

"As far as Vegacy. I know for a fack that we all enjoyed our meal when we ate at the new location. I personally enjoyed the traditional feel that came along with the restaurants all around atmosphere. Have Heart is not a 100% vegan or even vegetarian band and we all thought the food was delicious. It should also be noted that the service was amazing and quite friendly. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent meal!"
Ryan Briggs - Have Heart bass player - Boston - US)

Let me know what you think about Vegacy too, let your comment!!

Rua Augusta, 2061
Monday to Saturday
11am – 9h30pm

(* Bad Brains – Attitude


Andréa N. said...

Wow, awesome place! I had heard of it before, but knowing the whole story now it feels like I really know this place. GOTTA go now. :)

Pauloxxx said...

Hey Glauce! Thank you for the words!
We love you! :D

Maria said...

O Paulo ta é querendo ver as gatinhas de todo Brasil visitando ele no vegacy! hehehe

Leandro said...

sempre que vou a são paulo, tenho que comer lá!

nana said...

I was there in 2007, and the food was awesome! I wanna go again, i'm excited to meet the new place. We all have to support it!


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