Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Super size me

I think I have a problem with sizes when I'm baking. Seriously, I love bake big cupcakes. Govinda's restaurant have my biggest ones and they are the ones I like more. Maybe everybody loves most the mini cupcakes (yes, they're so cute), but I still prefer the super size!

Yesterday I decide to bake some vegan strawberries muffins for the very first time. I like muffins but my heart is all about cupcakes. But I decided to give them one chance and I didn't regret! They look great and they are delicious! I used the recipe of the amazing book Vegan Brunch. So, today, Govinda's has also vegan muffins available ;-) And the sfihas are a great success! Everybody loves them.

For last Saturday I got some orders and the one I enjoyed most making it was the chocolate with caramel birthday cake (beside the fact that I got burnt making the caramel)!

As I told you, I'm having no free time this month to cook, so my husband is helping a lot. For the weekend he made an amazing zucchini lasagna and I ate a lot (super size me!). I won't post the recipe of the lasagna here because there is no secret, is all about layers (we had zucchini, ragu, soy cream and cheese), but I wan to say one thing: always cook the pasta before starting to make the layers. Even when it is pre-cooked, do it. It will be so much better in the end!

Last thing for today: my dear Brazilian friend Raquel (I wrote about her before!) has a new passion: graffiti! And she did a cupcake and sent to me yesterday and I want to share with you because I loved it:

Hope she'll have a lot more to show us in the near future! Keep going sweet ;-)

PS. I just realized how many times I wrote the word "love" today. Well, love is always in the air and it's great, isn't it?!


Anonymous said...

To contigo, Glau! Super size us. Mas só dentro de casa. Na rua é porção micro, hehehe. Explodir em casa é sussa, mas na rua é tenso!

E o raggamuffin parece recheadasso e bacana.

Graffiti da Raquel tá detonando muito. Mandô bem!

Maria said...

I love you! s2

Sal said...

gorgeous looking cakes. I'm with you - when it comes to cupcakes, bigger the better!

Clarissa said...

O Muffin tá com uma cara MUITO boa!
Tô com o celular de novo! Vc ainda tem meu numero aqui de Berlin? É o mesmo do inverno...

Carlota said...

Adorei o desenho do Cupcake..é lindo Sweet! Muito sucesso aí na Irlanda!

ps: vc podia publicar a receita da esfiha um dia..

Anonymous said...

Arthur our 3 year old just saw the pictures of your cupcakes and he said "Oooooh cupcakes, I need one in my mouth."

He is a fan of your blog.


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