Friday, 16 January 2009

About... my best friend

This post should be about the lunch menu of today, but I changed my mind. The food I cooked today is inspired by my best (Brazilian) friend Raquel. We use to call it “parmegiana burger”. It is a different way to cook it because we use potato puree and tomato sauce over. Well, my friend Raquel really knows how to cook the best vegan “parmegiana burger”. Not just that, she is a brilliant cook. In Brazil, we used to go to her house every week (sometimes two or three times a week) to talk or watch a movie and eat. And it was always one of the best things of my days. And last year we did it more often than usual because we knew it would be for just a few months, before we move to Europe.

Today, cooking my vegan “parmegiana burger” I couldn't stop thinking about her, about how she became my friend and about how much fun we had together. 2008 wasn't a good year for her and I feel bad to be so far. I wish that Ireland was closer to Brazil. It would be great to be close to her always. I don't know if she knows how much important she is to me, how much I love and care about her. She is one of the best people I have ever met in my life. She is good, nice, smart and funny. And this kind of friendship is rare nowadays. She is more than 10 years younger than me, but it doesn't matter because we really have a lot in common. And we love to eat, we love to cook and we love to talk about food.

Today she told me she is not inspired to cook good vegan food these days. And she should be! She should cook with pleasure again. She should be happier. She deserves all the best in her life, always.

Raquel, I miss your food. I miss our laughs. I miss you every single day. Be ready, when I go to Belo Horizonte I want many great days of vegan food, laughs and talk!

This is the "parmegiana burger" with the potato puree and tomato sauce (still missing the cream cheese I put after)


Maria said...

Ai loca!!! Assim q eu recebi a msg vim aki correndo olhar! E a sua surpresa alegrou muuuuito meu dia!!!! =DDDD Poxa... morro de saudade de vcs e tbm de cozinhar pra vcs!!! Você e o matt até hj foram os melhores comedores da minha comida! hehehehe! Das mil coisas q a gente tem em comum uma das mais forte é esse amor pela comida! Nossos roles de comer eram os melhores!
Adorei a parte do smart! To tentado ficar smart mesmo! hehehehe
Qndo vc vier vai ser minha maior felicidade ficra cozinhando pra vcs do dia todo! Amo vc muito e tbm morro de suadades tooooda hora! Tenho q te agradecer pois vc sempre foi um incentivo pra eu cozinhar e principalmente pq foi por sua causa q eu descobri q era possivel ser vegan e comer coisas gostosas!
Ai fikei tãããooo Feliiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzz!
Amo vc doidinha!!!!!

Clarissa said...

São amizades assim que fazem a vida valer a pena. ;)

_Gabriel said...

awn ^^

ps: receita da parmegiana, plis


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