Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fast and furious delicious

I love Italian food. Since... always. Even before being vegan it was one of my favourite food. And in my first years of veganism I used to eat a lot of pasta because it was easy to find without eggs and easy to cook.

Well, now I'm married with an Italian guy (and love him too!), so it's easy to figure out how much pasta we eat.

Today he went to the kitchen to prepare some fast food to us and the result was amazing: pasta with funghi and tofu. He chose the tagliatelle and while the pasta was cooking, he made the sauce: unsweetened soy cream, mushrooms and olive tofu. Put the oil in the fridge with garlic and onions chopped. Add the mushrooms, a little bit of water and some herbs (he used parsley and basil). Wait the water to boil to cook the mushrooms and keep it this way until just a few water is left. Add the vegetable stock cubes (we use it but you can use what you want to spice it up), the soy cream and the diced olive tofu. Let everything cook for 2 or 3 minutes and it's ready. Mix with the pasta and enjoy your fast and delicious meal!


Anonymous said...

So he quit the MIOJO nights? hehehe

That looks insanely delicious.

Glauce Lucas said...

What? Not sure if I got... We used to eat Miojo just at some nights ehehe Pasta is always at lunch time and we don't know if there is Miojo here! ;oP

Tonight was a vegan chicken burger night. Took some pics to post!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I don't know why, but I thought you had this pasta at night, hehehe. Sourry.

And about the Miojo it was because I remember he saying something that he was eating almost every night for some time, but yeah, I can imagine that was just a phase, hehe, I was just kidding. =)

Nice! Burger rocks.

Glauce Lucas said...

We always prefer to have 'real' food at lunch time (remember the post about it? ;o))! And yeah, I think could be some phase of Miojo, but now we are eating a lot of vegan stuff, so miojo free youth! ahahah

Clarissa said...

Oh, this sounds sooo good and delicious! :)

_Gabriel said...

omg, i had pasta with funghi yesterday! how weird!


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