Wednesday, 19 August 2009

More than sweet

Life is (almost) always sweet.
Being vegan is sweet.
But sometimes we need salty flavors!

Today, for the very first time, Govinda's (Abbey St) is selling our vegan sfihas. Originally from Iraq, this snack is very popular in Brazil and Argentina and, of course, we have a vegan version for it! I said "our" because this wouldn't be possible without the big help of my lovely husband that is helping me these days as much as he can and cooked the sfihas yesterday for me ;-) So, today Govinda's has two options available: soy sfiha and broccoli + tofu sfiha!

Hope Irish people like them!

And as usual, some sweet cupcakes. For today I made double vanilla with raspberry jam filling ones:

Well, Sweet is becoming more than sweet. Should I change the name or create a salty brand too?!


Anonymous said...

What's not to like?!
They will love it.

Mihl said...

Congrats! I would buy them.

Clarissa said...

Hmmm,dá um vontade de comer esfiha...
E os cupcakes de double vanilla eu nem preciso comentar, né?

marinacorbucci said...

Glauce, o que vc usa para pincelar as esfihas?

Glauce said...

Acabei respondendo a Marina no blog dela, mas vou colar aqui para quem estiver interessado também:

Sobre as esfirras, eu não passo nada em cima normalmente, mas na foto que você viu tinha um pouco de shoyo (a foto foi feita a noite e deu um efeito mais amarelo que era, mas fica bom). Azeite também é uma ótima dica :)


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