Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Light In The Dark *

Sorry I'm not posting so much these days. I was traveling to see the last European shows of one of my favourites straight edge bands: Have Heart. When I think about the new generation, they are the number 1 in my top 5. I went to London, Germany, Belgium and Czech Republic in 4 days and I couldn't have more fun. Besides them, Shipwreck (also from Boston) and Rise and Fall (from Belgium) were playing in this European tour too. I'll never forget these days.

Now I'm back home and I have many things in my head, many things going on, so that's why I'm not writing that often here. I started to plan the new edition of my paper zine, Outspoken. I started this hardcore fanzine 11 years ago and I don't want to stop. And I want more: I want to start an Irish version of it, so I have basically two zines to plan and start! But I really love to do it and as I always say hardcore is a big part of my life.

Now, talking a little bit about vegan food, today my cupcakes will be available, for the very first time, at the other branch of Govinda's (Abbey Street) and I hope things go well there!

Let's see if I'll find more time in this summer to cook more (and post more) ;-)

* Outspoken - A Light in The Dark - one of the vinyl I got this weekend. The band is the inspiration for my zine name.


Andrey said...

Quando eu vi o nome do post "A Light in the Dark" eu já pensei na minha música favorita do Betrayed.

"You've got to look inside because you're searching for a light in the dark. Don't just carry on, because there's something more"


Glauce said...

Digamos que os nomes de músicas no hardcore se repetem em algumas ocasiões ehehehehe

E Betrayed também faz parte do meu top 5 da new generation =D

Glauce said...

E só pra completar (porque acho a letra do Oustpoke foda também):

"They say that I do nothing new just because I stayed true. The words I've said from the start continue burning in my heart. A light in the dark, still burning strong. We must continue until the darkness is gone."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

...And now we wait!

Already stoked to see the new Outspoken.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little cupcake! And I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks, if not better. :)

xthingswesayx said...

Eu tb pensei em Betrayed...

Anonymous said...

In which place did you see the Belgium gig?

Such a cute flower cupcake


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