Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Belo Horizonte: another place to eat

I'm so late with the blog posts this month but I have no excuse. I'm enjoying the summer, traveling and being happy. I really like to write here, but sometimes is not possible and, besides that, English is not my mother-tong, so it's hard to me to think about good posts everyday in another language.

Having said that, this is my last blog post about my travel to Belo Horizonte (Brazil), my lovely home town. I spent 15 days there with my friends and family and went to some cool places. One of the good surprises was the new restaurant, Alegria de Comer Bem (that means "Happiness of Eating Well"). I got a flyer about the restaurant at the healthy fair and me and Matteo decided to go there before leave the city.

The restaurant was opened in March and it's one more choice for those who look for a natural nutrition. It is not vegetarian (although the owners have the goal - or the dream - to make it vegetarian in a near future), having some fish and seafood options in the menu, but most of its menu is vegetarian and many dishes are also vegan or easy to "veganize". Inspired by different international cuisines such as Asian and Peruvian, the dishes look tasty and attractive.

Also, the restaurant is in a beautiful old house that was reformed to home it. For the lunch time, there is the option of the "special meal of the day", that include two or three dishes with a more affordable price and also other options of the fixed menu (more expensive). The staff is very friendly too. Currently the restaurant does not have any option of vegan dessert on the menu, but you can request it if you want (and be attended!). The evening menu is more informal, with entries and the restaurant also serves alcohol.

Me and Matteo asked for two different dishes - one more Thai and the other one an Indian option - and we also had fried pineapple with a vegan cream made with "condensed milk" and cinnamon and strawberries.

It's good to see more people investing in options to vegetarian and vegan people in Brazil and I hope they can turn the restaurant in a vegetarian place soon (and keep it open till my next visit to Belo Horizonte!).

Restaurante Alegria de Comer Bem

Rua Congonhas 510, Santo Antônio
Tel: 2511-4168

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*** Para quem quiser ler mais sobre o restaurante em portugues, clique aqui!
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An amazing winter day in Belo Horizonte


two vegan boys said...

Such lovely pictures. Travel is always fun.

Thanks for the kind words on the boys painting. They did the painting on a canvas. I love it.

Anonymous said...
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Clarissa said...

Nossa, com certeza eu vou la! :

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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