Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shake your body

If you're stopping here for the first time, you don't know that, but ice cream is my favorite food. Like, top 1 (and I have a milkshake tattoo in my left leg!). I could eat ice cream every day. Having said that, this post is about a new (well, not too new anymore) place here in Dublin that sells milkshakes: Shakes Milkshake Bar.

I have been there three times: the first one was a bad experience 'cause me and Matteo stayed in the line twenty minutes just to heard that they didn't have the dairy free option that evening. But I didn't give up and went there before going to Brazil with the lovely Aoife. I had the chocolate option and it was delicious. They use the vegan ice cream Swedish Glace, which is really good and tasty.

Today I took some time to go there again with Matteo and my-sister-in-law that was spending some summer days here with us and I decided to try the peanut butter dairy free option! OMG! Can't believe how good it was! Matteo had the chocolate one and he was happy with that too.

I hope I can have more time in this busy (and a little bit messy) summer to come back there more times. And, you know, I will be there during the autumn and the winter too.

Shakes Milkshake Bar
15 College Green
Dublin 2


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so awesome- I, for one, want to see your tattoo now! ;)

Juliana said...

uau! esse shake de manteiga de amendoim deve ser maravilhoso. eu amo peanut butter <3
fiquei chateada com a idéia de não ter extrato de soja por lá... como vou fazer meu brigadeiro?!?!?
(minha tara por brigadeiro é tipo a sua por sorvete) :S pelo menos lá tem bastante cupcake... rs

Anonymous said...
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Clarissa said...

Milk shake é uma das melhores coisas do mundo! :) Que vontade! hehe


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