Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Berlin strikes again

Can't describe how cool is this place!

I just realized that last time I went to Berlin (November 2009) I didn't write about it, just have one post about one of my favourite cities in Europe and this is so unfair. But, cause my BFF Clarissa (have to do it! ahahahah) lives there, I will always have opportunities to go and to try different places to eat. Or just come back to the ones I already love.

I went to Berlin two weeks ago to spend 4 days there. It was the first time I went there during the summer and it was amazing. We cycled, we swam, we cooked and I had a great time. On my first night there we decided to cook at home, so Clarissa made one recipe of the book Vegam Yum Yum and I had it with alcohol free beer ( I don't drink alcohol). It was delicious.

On the Saturday morning we had the amazing German breakfast. I love their bread and there are a lot of vegan options.

The other three places that we went were:

1. Vöner - this is a vegetarian kebab place. Yes, you read it right. Veg kebab. And you can eat other vegan options there as well (like falafel or burgers). The kebab sandwich (vöner) is huge and cheap, very cheap (2.90 euro). Address: Boxhagener Straße 56.

2. Yoyo Foodworld - my favourite place in Berlin. Top 1. This is the best fast food place ever. They have a lot of vegan options (burgers, wraps and pizzas). This time I got the salmon burger (4.99 euro with french fries). I was never a fan of fish before becoming vegan but I decided to try the fake one. And I didn't regret! It was a little bit weird when I saw the burger cause it had the salmon colour but the taste was really good. Have no idea if it's like the real fish, but I don't care. I enjoyed it a lot. Address: Gärtnerstraße 27.

3. Café Vux - this is a place that I was looking for to go in Berlin. First, cause it's owned by a Brazilian guy that used to play in a punk band that I really like. Second, cause I've been reading a lot of good reviews about the place. So, we went there to the Sunday brunch. You have to arrive there early (they open the doors at 11 am, so be there by this time) cause it gets full quickly. And it's easy to understand the reason. The food is amazing and everything is vegan. And, once again, cheap (the brunch is 6 euros). I wish I could try the cakes they have too (it's not included on the brunch but they look so good!), but I had no space in my stomach to try them. Next time! Address: Richardstraße 38.

And of course I had some ice cream in the city! An amazing peanut and lemon vegan ice cream (L)

I have to say that I really love Berlin and that the city is one of the most vegan friendly cities that I know in Europe. I could say that it's better than London cause of the relation places + price. But this is just my opinion. Do you know Berlin? Where did you go to eat there?


Clarissa said...

<3 <3

Gotta love Berlin. <3

Susan said...

That all looks delicious! My brother is going to Berlin in the next few weeks, so I have sent him the link in the hope that he might go and try some of this amazing looking food on my behalf, since I'mon the other side of the world and all.

Anonymous said...
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xthingswesayx said...

morri de vontade aqui.

Anonymous said...

I do love Berlin too. I don't know wich city I like more: Berlin or London. It's like having 2 children, they both have their charmes and it's impossible to choose between 2. But you're right: the food is a lot cheapier over there.
I favoured Hans Wurst the most. We even went twice in 4 days. Strange but very friendly people, kinda DIY thing.

敬周喜 said...
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Anonymous said...
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Thiago Almeida said...

Espero que algum dia eu faça umas viagens culinárias, é muito bom ver o quanto de produtos veganos existem pelo mundo, creio que eles vão demorar para chegar no brasil, mas a variedade aqui já cresceu consideravelmente, lembro de quando tinha que fazer quase tudo e agora eu posso ser um pouquinho mais relaxado.


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