Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Between fast food and take away

Have to start this post saying that I'm really sorry about my lack of posts here but I have a very good reason to not being around that much: I got a full-time job and I'm working in a place that I love and I'm working in my area (Online Journalism). And the classes of the Master are back this week and I'll have classes during some evenings + 2 afternoons + 1 morning. It's not that hard to figure it out how crazy the next months will be, but I'm happy and excited!

The first consequence of all those changes is that I'm almost never at home during the week, what also means that I'm not cooking at all. Even during the weekends it's being hard to find energy to go to the kitchen to cook, all I want is to relax and to have some ready-to-go (or in this case, to eat) food. But I'm sure I'll be back soon, just have to get used to the new routine.

For now, my lunch time consists basically in soups, salads, snacks, sandwiches, wraps or cakes in one of my three restaurant options: Cornucopia, Blazing Salads and Cafe Fresh. Sometimes I eat in the restaurants, sometimes I ask for the take away option and eat in the office. The food is always delicious in those places but I'm
experiencing two different things: not having proper meals for all the lunch times (which I used to have in Brazil and while I was working at home here in Dublin) and having to eat alone most of the days. But it's being great so far.

I will post some pictures of the kind of food I'm eating in my working days, they don't look amazing but the food is great! And I promise I'll have more posts for now on, starting with one about Cafe Fresh that I want to write this week.

Toast with carrot, spinach, beets and olive oil - Cafe Fresh

Broccoli, carrot, onion and peanut wrap (raw) - Cornucopia

Falafel sandwich - Cafe Fresh

Pizza with tofu and vegetables - Blazing Salad

Vegetable soup + brown bread - Cafe Fresh

Potato garlic mayonnaise - Cornucopia

Lemon and almond "cheese cake" with soy cream - Cornucopia

Chocolate cake - Cafe Fresh

Chocolate and raspberry mousse pie - Cornucopia


Velovegan said...

It all looks amazing! I've tried some of those things before and I'm so jealous you get to eat out in town every day because I love Cornucopia and Blazing Salads! oh and Congratulations on getting the full time job! :)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Well, everything looks tasty!

Juliana said...

adorei !!
ah, sobre seu comment : pois e ! mas eu esqueci de dizer... esse cheesecake de NADA tinha gosto de tofu ! impressionante... e olha que eu sempre reconheco quando tem tofu na sobremesa...

glauce, vc pode me indicar alguma receita com tempeh? tenho algumas no veganomicon, mas como nunca usei tempeh na vida (nno brasil e carissimo) nao sei qual fazer...

Lou said...

Hi Glauce, thanks for your comment over at my place, I thought I'd better answer you back here seeing as I'm so late replying. It's great to see what you can get in Dublin, gives me lots of inspiration for the next time we're down (if I can tear myself from Cornucopia, I'm such a creature of habit). I left a comment at Velovegans saying how good it would be to get everyone together, if we could manage it.. :)

Clarissa said...

Fast food de vez em quando é bom...eu sinto falta de cozinhar, comer em casa. Mesmo quando estou cansada, acho que acaba sendo algo relaxante. hehe. ;)

Anonymous said...

que lindão esse chocolate cake. nunca comi um vegan.

ontem eu fiz um risoto de cogumelos e até tirei foto para te mostrar depois, hahaha

Thiago Almeida said...

Ah, não pude deixar de notar a mordida na Pizza de Tofu com Vegetais, pensei na cena de entre ligar a camera e tirar a foto, ou comer um pedaço logo porque esta com um cheiro e uma cara ótima e matar esta vontade...e depois tirar a foto...rs.

Toyin O. said...

The food looks really good!


Brandi said...

Wow all that food looks yummy. Especially the falafel sandwich, but maybe that's just me because I can't get enough of falafels.

Glauce said...

That is not the best falafel here, the one I always have is the one from Rotana Cafe (http://foodinmylife.blogspot.com/2010/08/all-about-falafel.html)! If the place was closer to my job I'd have their falafel everyday :P


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