Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Stylish :)

I'm without internet at home in the last couple of days what made me have more time to dedicate to my thesis proposal and some cupcake decoration! But it means that it's harder to post here too. Last Sunday I received a Stylish Blogger award from Tea and Sympatico, written by a lovely blogger from Manchester. Thanks! This is a great way to know more about other bloggers and it's a good fun too!

As part of the award I have to write 7 facts about myself:

1. If you ask me what I am, my first answer will be: a journalist. I really love the profession I chose to my life. And, unfortunately, I'm not working with it in the moment.

2. I started to eat most of the vegetables I've eating for the last years just after I've became vegan. I used to hate most of them.

3. I don't drink, smoke or use any kind of drugs. This is a decision I made almost 14 years ago and it was the best decision to my life.

4. I have just one brother. And he'll be a father soon. I can't wait to meet my niece.

5. My best friends live far from me and I wish I had a very good friend close to me.

6. I run an independent hardcore record label with Matteo.

7. I really don't like being a housewife, but I don't hate it anymore.

And, I would like to pass this award on to:

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If you wish to continue, these are the rules :)

1. Make a post & link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Award ten recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won.


Momchil Pekov said...

I didn't notice that you are running a label. This is awesome. Which are the bands in your label?
Greetings from Bulgaria.

JennShaggy said...

Thanks, Glauce! I definitely accept the award. I'll publish it in my next post :)
You rock! I had no idea you ran a record label. I live with an amazing singer/songwriter.

Glauce said...

Thanks guys :)

It's a small label, called Hurry Up! Records, we run it here in Europe and in South America:

Graham I. Haynes said...

Thank you for the kind words and support.

—Graham of The Vegan Stoner

Juliana said...

obrigada pelo selinho, glauce ;)
assim que eu puder, respondo num post !!! bjs

Momchil Pekov said...

I made some big trips to go to Bane show last to years. I also saw To Kill, and many many years ago Kafka. I happens that Hurry Up Records is not that small :)

Glauce said...

Oh, this is awesome! Bane are great and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. Love To Kill to and I was very sad when they decided to break up. And my husband was in that Kafka tour years ago :) Small world.

Bianca said...

Aw thanks so much!! I almost missed this because I failed to check my comments. Ooops! But I've just posted my five things (I changed it from seven because I had to do a quick post). Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Valeu Glauce! Vou checar os outros blogs tbm, não conheço e devem ser bem legais! Juliana

Andréa N. said...

Tu é uma graça, Glauce. Obrigada por pensar em mim e no brazil nut! :) Beijão.


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