Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The ultimate ice cream battle in Rome

They say that going to Rome and not seeing the Pope is not going to Rome. I will not argue that but to me going to Rome and not having (vegan) ice cream is not going to Rome. Everybody should agree that Italy has the best ice cream in the world. If you don't agree, I'm sorry but you're wrong or you've never been there! This statement also include vegan ice cream and I can confirm it myself (never had regular ice cream in Italy cause I was already vegan the first time I went there).

But I've been reading different posts about where to get the best vegan ice cream in Rome. I was used to go to Gelarmony and I was very happy about the entire section of dairy free ice cream they have there. But I saw this post about my lovely friend and blogger Jill, from Vegan Backpacker, talking about Il Gelatone and the place was mentioned in basically every place I've searched for vegan gelato in Rome. So in my walking in the second day in Rome I decided to go there to check it out after going to the Colosseo.

Sooooo here's the contenders:

Gelarmony: as I said before they have an entire section of dairy free ice cream in the back of the shop, which includes soy and rice options that go from fruit ones to Italian classics such as coffee, gianduia and noce. And they have an amazing homemade soia panna montata (weep cream). I went there twice and had walnut and cinnamon in the first time in a cup of 2.50 euro and pistacchio and riso nero (vanilla rice milk with chocolate) in a (HUGE) cup of 3.50 euro in the second time. The place is close to the Lepanto stop (two blocks away), in the red line of the metro. Staff is super friendly. I can't say if they speak English or not cause I was speaking Italian with them.

Address: 34 Via Marcantonio Colonna

Il Gelatone: the place is really close to the Colosseo, like between 5 and 10 minutes walking. They have something between 8 and 10 soia options, including fruits and also the classics. I asked for cappuccino and chocolate options in a small cup (same size of the first one I got in the Gelarmony). It cost 4 euro. It was delicious. Staff was also very friendly. You can go out in the Colosseo metro stop (blue line), which is never a bad idea, or in the Cavour stop (red line).

Address: 28 Via Dei Serpenti

THE VERDICT: Considering location and staff both places are great. But considering variety of flavours, texture, price per size and the perfect vegan weep cream, I have to say that the winner is Gelarmony!

If you go to Rome, don't forget to go to these places, both are worth it a visit if you're an ice cream fan as myself. And let me know if you agree with my verdict!

PS. You can also find ice cream in the supermarkets in Italy and this time my mother in law got us these new delicious stuff from a new brand, Kioene (GMO free), and they are just amazing. The biscuit one was my favourite.


Bianca said...

Oh yum! I've had fruity sorbettos but never dairy-free gelato. I bet it's amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine having so many vegan ice cream options while eating out... Sounds like heaven on earth!

Debra said...

Sounds so good! That's awesome!

Blessings, Debra
Raw Vegan Diet said...

WOAH! I am THIS close to booking a plane ticket to Rome just go go & eat ice cream! It all looks amazing!


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