Friday, 29 April 2011

On the road: vegan in Sardinia

Marinara pizza with artichokes and black olives

A couple of weeks ago me and Matteo went to Sardinia, Italy. We had a lovely time there and the island is really beautiful. We rented a car, so we could go to as many places as possible. The weather wasn't amazing, but it was still warmer than Ireland and it was sunny most of the time.
How was the food, you might be asking? Well, have to tell you that Sardinia was a good surprise for me. We didn't find much information on line before the travel and decided to go with the spirit that in Italy there's always pasta and pizza, "so will be fine". When we left the airport we stopped in a regular supermarket and found some vegan stuff to have in the hotel. It was a very good start.

In the first two days we kept eating breakfast in the hotel, eating some snacks in the car while driving around the island, having sandwiches, juice and fruits in the afternoon and pizza at night. But our vegan supply was ending and we were in a very small city and had no idea about what to find around to eat. But when we were coming back from La Maddalena, a small island part of Sardinia, I spotted an advertising on the road about a organic store and guess where was it?! Oh yeah, at "our" city (Olbia)! We went straight there and I was very surprised with the size of the store - it is huge! It's not a vegetarian or vegan place - so they had some fish (I didn't see meat) - but it had many vegan products and we could supply ourselves again. Talking to the owner, she said there are many vegans around!

Emporio Alcatraz
12, V. Roma, Olbia, OT 07026

07026, Italy

So, if you decide to go to Sardinia, don't be afraid, you will always find the Italian classics - pasta and pizza (marinara pizza with the vegetables you want) - and also vegan products in regular supermarkets and organic shops.

I couldn't help myself and had a marinara with french fries
It's not Italian at all but it was good (and funny!)

And don't forget, if there is any important Italian words to know when you're traveling and doesn't speak Italian at all, the word is "strutto" (it means "lard" and it's still used in some doughs in Italy, mainly in focaccia bread).

Lime granite in our last day, in Alguero


Clarissa said...

Sounds really nice!
But, hey, pizza and french fries?! No way I'd do it. :P

Glauce said...

hahaha Matteo did it first so I thought I had the "endorsement" to do it too. It's weird but it tastes good!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a dream of a vacation- You're giving me a serious case of wanderlust over here!

Juliana said...

adorei a pizza de cima, e a de baixo, com as fritas tb, hahaha

Bianca said...

Hi Glauce! Here's my email address that you asked for: bphillips[at]memphisflyer[dot]com.

The French Fry pizza sounds right up my alley. I would LOVE that! said...

Hey, I didn't realise people couldn't e-mail me via my blog, thanks for letting me know! My e-mail's Jojo.huxster @ me . Com


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