Friday, 28 October 2011

All about... Cafe Fresh

 I'm not sure why I haven't written about vegetarian restaurant Cafe Fresh here before... When I was working in town last year (exactly at this time) I used to go there basically every day for lunch. They have soups, hot meals and sandwiches and also added a salad bar to the options this summer. Prices are fair, staff is great (and the owner is lovely) and it's located inside The Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and I really like enjoy the building.

Me and Matteo are going there more often lately and we really enjoy the food. Also, since last year, they've increased their vegan options (this is something that's happening at Cornucopia too and it's great news). The only think I still don't love are the desserts. I usually have one cause I love sweets as you know and also cause it's a way to support the vegan options. I can't explain why I don't consider them amazing (something about the texture maybe?) but usually they have more than one vegan option, including a chocolate cake and some fruit pie.

Anyway, if you're in Dublin, go to Cafe Fresh. It's really a good option for vegans.

PS.: Talking about places for vegetarians and vegans in Dublin, it seems that Juice is closed. We tried to go there twice in the last weeks and it was closed. Considering that Dublin doesn't have that many veg restaurants this is really bad news. Let's see if someone will keep it as a vegetarian restaurant at least.


Bianca said...

That all looks amazing! And I love that "Monstah" hoodie in the background.

Anonymous said...

Never been to cafe fresh. Will have to soon- very sad about juice closing :(

Ylina said...

wow that cafe's a paradise!!!
Oh I forgot to intodice myself: I'm italian and I found u're blog because I'm gonna wwoofing in ireland from february..... so I'm looking for some healty places to eat in dublin, in case i go there

I really like u're blog


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