Wednesday, 16 May 2012

When in Rome

I'm probably not doing as the romans do for most of the time but I'm eating pizza bianca and pizza rossa everyday and gelato three times a week, so life is good!

You can find ice cream in every supermarket 

Gelarmony - My favourite place in Rome

 From the local market

 Mother's Day lunch
my first mother's day with a lovely lunch cooked by Matteo

 Not even close to coffee but I really like it

Baby boy enjoying the sunny days (L)


Natália Negretti said...

Tive a impressão desse blog ser escrito por brasileiros. Estou certa? Sou da editora Alto Astral e estou bucando consultorias sobre sobremesas veganas para a primeiras edição da Revista Receitas Vegetarianas. Não encontrei outro contato... Por favor, me envie um email para


Anonymous said...

Of course I'm immediately drawn to those ice cream options! Wow, what variety, what choices you have! I would just about kill for a drumstick-type treat... I've never found a suitable substitute around here. Of course, I should really just make one myself, right? ;)


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