Saturday, 20 September 2008

Everybody loves pancakes

The first time I ate pancakes wasn't so much time ago. I don't remember when exactly it was, but it was after I became vegan, for sure. My family has not the habit of eat them. Moreover, they don't eat lot of things. My father is more open to try, but just him. I don't know from who I got this love for food and new experiences... Well, the thing is that I tasted the pancakes when I was living with a friend that is vegetarian and she had a vegan recipe! And it is so easy to do!!

The American style of making pancakes usually has honey or chocolate syrup on top. But in most countries of South or Central America, we have a different way to make them. They are usually salted and, while also having eggs or milk or both, are rolled and served with a filling of meat or chicken. Another difference is that we eat them at lunch or dinner and not for breakfast.

After this good friend taught me how to do them (in the South America style), I have never stopped cooking and eating them. The best thing is that you can fill them with different kinds of sauce! And to fry them is always fun too! It's an awesome food to cook to your friends or family. Well, maybe not for mine, but this week I cooked pancakes for my husband's family. They had never eaten them before and they loved them too, as all of my friends that tried my vegan pancakes before!

I cooked some salty pancakes first, with a sauce made of tomatoes, tofu, sausages and a kind of soy milk cream! These ones I suggest you to eat closed, filled with the sauce. Very, very good!! And to finish, I cooked some to eat as a dessert. We ate them with vegan ice cream and chocolate syrup and my husband's sister ate a pancake with two different flavors of fruit jelly. The sweet ones you can eat either opened or just folded in the middle. It's up to you!

I can tell you that pancakes are a guaranteed success!
Try to cook some for your friends or family, then tell me if they liked them.


Anonymous said...

Vou ter que passar uns tempos na casa de vocês. Panquecas são do caralho!! hahaha


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is...
Bless Glauce's pancakes!

Mia Wallace said...

eu amo panquecas!
e eu já tava ficando aflita por não ter um post novo aqui!

Mia Wallace said...

(ops...esse blog aí eu escrevo com uma amiga...)

Clarissa said...

Agora dá pra comprar leite de soja sem ser adoçado! Da Yoki! Genial, né?
Depois vc me passa essa receita?

Glauce Lucas said...

Everybody will have pancakes at my house, it's just coming over! =]

And Clarissa, now you know how to make them, I want to know the results!


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