Tuesday, 2 September 2008

French fries (always) save the day

Since I became vegan, it's not so easy to find food everywhere. Some years ago it was worst and I was used to eat just french fries when I went out. That is not a problem because I love them, but during the last few years I have been having more options and I just eat them when I really want to. Of course, the best choice is always the combo hamburger + french fries + coke, as I told you some posts before ;-)

Last weekend we went to Switzerland to watch a hardcore show. It was happening in Luzern, but we decided to stay in Zurich (it's just one hour away). We just left our stuff in Zurich and we decided to hang out in Luzern before the show. My friends always say that there is a lot of vegan food in Switzerland, but we did a search in Internet before traveling and we couldn't find any vegan/vegetarian restaurant there...But we decided to go and try to find something to eat at least.

We arrived to the center of the city and we went to a chocolate store (oh yeah, swiss chocolate is really very good! I just can speak for the vegan ones, but you can figure out the rest!), we bought a piece and we decided to ask about some places to eat. At this point we knew we couldn't find a vegetarian place, but we were looking for some fast food or, at least, french fries! I asked the girl that was working there, in english. They speak German but usually in touristic places most of the people also speaks English. Well, not at all. That girl couldn't help us. But she asked to a woman that was buying some stuff there and she told me she could talk to us... in English, of course. So, I did my magic question: Hey, do you know where we can eat some french fries? She smiled and answered Yes, there is a really good place close to here! You need just to walk five minutes and you will find the best french food of the city! Is that what you want, right? Well, I didn't know what to say!!! She was so nice that I couldn't just tell her what french fries really are. We just said thanks and walked away.

We saw the center just thinking that we would have had to wait to eat at the show... But after some time walking around we found a place that had french fries!! It was a relief because I couldn't believe it could exist a city in the world that didn't have them!


Anonymous said...

realmente, batata-frita SEMPRE salva.
acho que nunca comi tanta batata-frita quanto na Argentina...
luv ya

Glauce Lucas said...

In Argentina???? But there are good places to eat vegan food there and they have pizza and faina! =PP

Anonymous said...

What a dumb woman, hahahaa. You should've repeated in a retarded voice: "..BEST FRENCH FOOD.." ahahahah

Anonymous said...

pois é...
mas a maioria dos lugares coloca queijo no faina
e ir na guerrin, dependendo de onde eu estava, era longe!
passei os dias comendo batata frita, salada de tomate com palmito ou milanesa de soja (quando conseguia voltar pra casa pra comer!)

Mayra said...

well, once andy told us that in switzerland the italian restaurants sells the vegan pizzas...it's the original italina pizza..He really told us that it's easy to find vegan food there.
Maybe because you don't speak germany you couldn't find eat.hehehehehhehehe

but french fries are good enough to eat when we are starving!!

_Gabriel said...

Johnny Depp no Letterman: "After 9/11 and all the polical shit with France on Iraq, I saw a lot of places making new menus with Freedom Fries instead of French Fries... ¬¬ 'Yeah, that will teach them'"


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