Sunday, 14 September 2008

I just want chocolate!

Today I started singing this Brazilian song, from Marisa Monte, which says “Chocolate, chocolate, eu só quero chocolate...” (Chocolate, chocolate, I just want chocolate..). Maybe because I really just want chocolate. I read a lot of times that a piece of chocolate brings happiness. If it is scientifically proved, I don't know, but I feel happy eating some pieces of chocolate. Some studies say that the pheniletilamina, that we can find in pieces of milk or dark chocolate, stimulates the production of serotonin, known as the "molecule of happiness". So it may be possible that the happiness we feel is not just psychological.

Since always I'm in love with chocolate. Before becoming vegan, I probably had tried all the existing chocolate kinds I could buy. And I'm pretty sure that I have never found a piece of chocolate that I didn't like. There are some I like less, like the white chocolate, but it's impossible not to like it. Well, to be sincere, it is possible. I know some people around the world that don't like chocolate at all, but I think they have a kind of (taste) problem!! Well, back to the point, for the last eleven years, I had my experience limited to dark chocolate. It was hard to find vegan chocolate in Brazil and I don't know how to cook “bombons” (small balls of chocolate, usually with some cream – of fruits or peanuts or hazelnuts or walnuts – inside).

But this year has been awesome and I have not just one but two friends that cook delicious “bombons” and I couldn't feel better! I ate lots of them before leaving Brazil. Now I miss them (the food and both friends!), but I found some different and new chocolates to prove here. In Italy it's pretty easy, if you see the word “fondente”, the chocolate is vegan. And there is one brand mark called Ritter that has the best one: fondente chocolate with peanuts. And the best part: you can find them at almost all supermarkets around! Well, in Switzerland you can find all kinds of chocolate you want everywhere. And in Dublin, well, I talked about Dublin in my last post... I just found the best chocolate bar ever! Ah, I found a white chocolate one in Dublin too. One of my friends, the one that makes the awesome bombons (including the paçoca ones which I will have to write about some day because paçoca, as açaí, is something you can just eat in Brazil) bought a lot of white chocolate pieces when she lived in Berlin and gave some to us. I was more curious than excited, but I liked it. So we decided to buy more in Dublin. But it's not the same good sensation... And I read these days that the white chocolate, because it doesn't contain cocoa mass, doesn't promote the positive effects as the milk and dark ones. One more reason to keep up with them ;-P

Another good thing about the dark chocolate: recent studies say that it is great for of the heart and blood pressure. But, of course, in small doses.

And if you think you are a chocolate addicted, you're not alone (neither am I). In an interview for the magazine "Health", the American nutritionist Kristen Bruinsma revealed that 15% of men and 40% of women have this behavior. And, yes, women usually are more addicted to sweet stuff too.

So, try to control yourselves, my good friends!


_Gabriel said...

40% of women??? OMG! anyways, i love chocolate, but i hate the white one. i't too sweet, like REALLY sweet. as far as the song goes: não venha com guaraná, eu quero chocolate. mas e se viessem com uma coca-cola? mmm, it's like shopie's choice!

Anonymous said...

I had never thought about this white vegan chocolate thing, and yeah, hard to find. Now I'm curious to taste it.

Chocolate rules. And Tim Maia is a crazy mothafuuuuuuckaaaaaa. =D

Clarissa said...

BOMBOM RULES!! And I´m taking the "forminhas" to Berlin! I´m like a machine-of-making-bombom now! hahahaha

Hell, I miss white chocolate! ;)

But the funny thing is I don´t really enjoy dark chocolate. I mean, I like it, but I´d rather bake and make pies, and bombons and stuff than eat it. :)

Maria said...

I miss white chocolate a lot! =[[[
And I eat chocolate just because its good for my heart! hehehhe
And now Clarissa has "forminhas de bombom" too! She's modern!

Mayra said...

Chocolate!! The best thing ever...And You forgot about me...i did the "trufas" of our new years party....
anyway, eat a lot of chocolate for me..kisses

Glauce Lucas said...

Filype and Raquel, I will send you a white chocolate, ok? ;-)

Clarissa, you will have to make lot of bombons to us in Berlin, including the white chocolate ones!

Mayra, I'm sooooorry! Your trufas saved our New Year with that terrible garlic bread ;-P

Anonymous said...

Really? Yey! =D


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