Monday, 11 May 2009

Hold fast

I had a busy and great weekend. I already wrote here about how important is hardcore in my life. Last weekend we had 3 shows in Ireland for the release of Famine first album. Famine is the best Irish hardcore band and we're proud to release their album with Hurry Up! Records.

For the release shows another band from the HUP family came to Ireland: Locked In, from Italy. It was so good to meet these guys and see them live! They're awesome people and we had a lot of fun together.

The shows were perfect. On Friday the played in Dublin, in a big venue to more than 200 people (this is a lot for a hardcore show). On Saturday we had a party-show at Lee's house and it was unbelievable! Bands playing in the kitchen and friends having fun together. And on Sunday we went to Galway to the last show (I love to be in a van!). We didn't have time to hang out in the city, but it looks like a very beautiful city and I'll come back with more time. One more great show and after we went to Salsa to have the best vegan burrito ever.

For the first show I baked some special vegan cupcakes and I'm proud to say that hardcore kids are, right now, my best customers. Everybody loves the cupcakes and I always sell everything and it's important to me seeing hardcore kids supporting veganism and helping me to spread the word.

Next Sunday it will happen another Famine show, an all ages one, and I'm really excited and already thinking about more special vegan cupcakes.

For now, just want to thank all hardcore kids from Dublin for everything ;o)


Lally said...

Your cupcakes are the best thing that have ever happened to me haha

Glauce said...

ahahahha Thanks a lot, Lally :D

Clarissa said...

Ai, eu acho os cupcakes tão lindos.
E vejo também, pelos comentários das pessoas que moram aí, que todo mundo gosta muito. Isso é ótimo. Ainda bem que ontem a gente descobriu o problema das pessoas do elefante rosa. hahahahhaha

Glauce said...

ahahahahahaha Pois é, o pessoal parece gostar muito mesmo! E olha que ainda fiz uns cupcakes lindinhos hoje para os fãs do elefante :P

Gabriel said...


pentagrimes said...

you should bring those cupcakes to the other hardcore show on Sunday in the Tap after the Famine show. I assure you, d-beat kids love cupcakes.


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