Friday, 22 May 2009

Italian vegan stuff

I already wrote here about how good is receiving packages from friends and how better is when the packages come with vegan stuff (things that you can't find in the city you live).

Since we moved we are the ones that usually send those packages. In Brazil we used to receive a lot from my mother-in-law. And two days ago we got two packages from her! There is some vegan stuff that we can find just in some places (cities or countries).

Valsoia products are some of those. It's an Italian company and they have nothing related with veganism, but they have health in their values and have soy and rice products. Even not thinking about vegan people they have a lot of options to people like us and I really like their products. I love their ice cream (you know, I'm crazy about vegan ice cream and eat it even during the winter)! I don't know if you know, but Italy is one of the countries with more vegan ice cream options and brands...

But the best product they have is the "Crema". It's a vegan version of the famous Nutella. It's just... perfect. It's almost impossible to stop eating it after you open it!

And to anybody that might think that I'm here just making free advertising for the company, I can say that the second thing that was in those packages that I love most is the "crema pasticcera". It is a kind of cream for filling cakes and it's absolutely fantastic! Last time I ate it was in Italy, at Christmas holiday and I miss it a lot. The company "Paneangeli" has most of the products to desserts and a lot of them are vegan (you just need to add soy milk instead of regular milk to make them).

So, here is my tip of today: if you go to Italy, try to find some of these products. It's worth it!

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Maria said...

That "Crema" is reeeeeeeeeealy good! I loved it! ^^


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