Friday, 22 May 2009

What Flavor Cupcake Are You?

Didn't resist:

You Are a Lemon Cupcake
You are spirited and spunky. You embrace life and have a sunny outlook.
You're drawn to all sorts of people. You can find something to like about almost anyone.

You are like a cupcake because you're cute and happy. You can turn anyone's day around.
You love to laugh and have a wickedly funny sense of humor. You enjoy teasing and joking around.


After The Storm said...

Have you had a chance to go to YoYo, too? It's really good, like Yellow Sunshine if you know that but a bit better, they have better choice of burgers and food tastes better.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And that's me:


Carlota. said...

Adorei Glauce! Eu sou um Carrot Cupcake! =*

Clarissa said...

Eu também sou o de limão! ;)

Flávia said...

Delícia! Tb sou um Lemon Cupcake!! E eu adoro tudo de limão!

Clarissa said...

Eu sempre tomo susto com o video quando entro aqui...fico pensando: "de onde vem esse barulho?" hahahha. E esqueço de comentar com vc.

NICOLE M said...

really like your blog! FOund it through Big Raw Vegan Blog, I have never seen so many diff types of cupcakes let alone vegan haha right on keep up the great blogging!


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