Saturday, 20 June 2009

Back on track!

After twenty days off in Brazil, I'm back! I had some amazing days with my family and best friends. I will write about some vegan food and places next week, I swear!

Back at home two days ago, we didn't have a lot to eat, so we decided to finish with some leftovers first before buying more food. So the lunch yesterday was strogonoff! I used the usual recipe, but with a special touch: I added small vegan cheese cubes after everything and let it cook for 2 minutes (before it starts to melt). This tip came from a Brazilian girl that I met on my flight from Belo Horizonte to São Paulo (yes, Brazilian people talk to everybody around them). Her name is Carolina and we spent 1 hour talking about food! She gave me a special recipe of a "white cheesy strogonoff" that I still have to try and post here.

So, if you have some vegan cheese around, try to add it at this strogonoff recipe and if you don't you can add some tofu!

PS. The book about coffee in the back of the picture was a gift from one of my best Brazilian girlfriends, Cinthia! She loves coffee as much as I do! ;-)


JennShaggy said...

Thanks! Don't even worry about it...I had a fantastic time :)

Welcome back! I hope I make it Brazil one day. It seems like an amazing place to visit.

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! Too bad I can try the same... because you know... where's my vegan cheese?! hehehe.

But maybe you can cook that here, on your next visit SOON! =D


Glauce said...

Yeah, Filype, I know... but you had the chance to prove the vegan cheese and that's great!

And for sure I can cook this on my nex visit =DD

Clarissa said...

Nossa, gostei dessa dica. Pena que aqui não tem queijo vegan. :(

Franz SCCP said...

Glauce e seu blog que me deixa com fome!
Sobre eu competir... Você vai ver sim, um dia vou disputar o triathlon de Londres!


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