Thursday, 5 November 2009

All about... puff pastry!

salty pie with broccoli and leek

After one year living in Dublin I still don't know where to find many things, so sometimes I stay months without eating something or using some ingredient I like. That happened with puff pastry. It is not easy to find a vegan one in Brazil too, but in Italy it is, so during the 3 months that we spent there last year we had eaten this a lot.

Last week we found a vegan option at Marks & Spencer so I decided to make a lot of food using it. We had salty pies, some snacks and some special twists. There are so many things you can do using this amazing pastry! And the best thing, it comes ready to cook! Sometimes is great to have this option close to you.

little snacks with pesto + tofu and tomato + vegan cheddar

One thing that I wanted to try were some "garlic puff twist" that I saw in the amazing blog Just The Food during the Vegan MoFo! Mines weren't garlic ones. I used extra olive oil instead of Earth Balance with basil, parsley and black pepper and we had them with some gnocchi. Easy, fast and delicious!

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