Monday, 11 January 2010

All about... (vegan) feijoada!

We are having some noise troubles with our new neighbors and it's so bad. We hardly slept during this last weekend and because of the snow in Dublin (yes, it was snowing a lot even here!) we couldn't go out as much as we wanted. And you know, everybody should have good and relaxing moments at home, not the opposite. I still don't know what we'll do, but maybe another moving will be in your future plans.

Now, the food. At least food is always something good to write about. Since we moved to Dublin, I haven't cooked the vegan version of the famous Brazilian dish feijoada yet. And I love it! I love black beans, which are the bases of this amazing food! To say goodbye to my sister-in-law last week, I decided to invite some friends and try to cook the feijoada. They aren't vegan or vegetarians but they always seem interested in trying my food. I hope they liked it because me and Matteo were happy about eating it again after a long time!

The original feijoada is traditionally made with slow-cooked black beans and lots of meat. There are a lot of good recipes for a vegan version in the internet, but all you need to make a good vegan feijoada are the black beans, vegetables and, if you want, some seitan and vegan sausages. I didn't use a specific recipe, but you can check here and here for two good options.

The best way to eat the feijoada is with white rice, "couve" (a type of kale, if I'm not wrong, very tasty and popular in Brazil) and "farofa" (traditionally made with eggs and manioc flour, but you can make a vegan version with the flour and onions, for example). We didn't have the couve and the farofa, but it was still very good and I want to make it more times during 2010!

PS. We watched "Whatever Works" and it's so good! Can't describe how good is the combination of Woody Allen + Larry David.

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