Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hello 2010!

Finally I'm making my first post of 2010! Hope everybody had a great time. I had an amazing Christmas and New Year with Matteo's family around! We had so much fun together that the only thing I missed was my family. But we can't have everything. 2010 is starting in a good way and I'm happy. 2009 was a better year too (I will write about it later).

As I told you last year, Christmas in Italy was always with a lot of food. Two days (25th and 26th) just to stay at home and eat! Well, this year we were in Dublin and I'd like to make things in my way too, so we had the first celebration in the night of the 24th, with a great dinner and the presents being opened. And we had the Christmas lunch and the St. Stephen lunch too.

December 24th: strogonoff

December 25th: snacks, risotto and frittata

December 26th: pasta al forno

December 26th: more frittata

Everyday: cupcakes

My sister-in-law ate my vegan cupcakes for the first time and she loved them! She stayed here until today and we had so much fun! Hope she can come back more times this year. And, of course, we kept cooking delicious vegan food all these days!

Special cupcakes for my sister-in-law, Elena. She loves blue!

Omelets (recipe from the Vegan Brunch book)

Savory and sweet pancakes

Happy 2010!

Go vegan!


Anonymous said...

Agora to com fome...

Happy 2010!

xthingswesayx said...

Quanta coisa gostosa, meu deus!

Bianca said...

All your holiday eats look fantastic! Especially the cute little cupcakes!

Aisling said...

Hi, I found your blog while looking for recipes (I'm a veggie thinking about becoming vegan and researching dairy alternatives). Love the blog. I'm also in Dublin too. :)

Glauce said...

Filype e Tathi, que saudade de voces! Quando vierem me ver vou fazer tanta coisa boa =~~

Thanks, Bianca! Hope you had a great New Year ;-)

Aisling, hope I can help! I know that being vegan in Dublin is not that easy, mainly if you need to eat out. Let me know if you need more tips or recipes :)


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