Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lovers gonna love

I'm not sure if I'd ever wrote about the fact that it was just after becoming vegan, 13 years ago, that I started to eat a lot of vegetables in a regular basis. If not, I'll make a list someday about everything I added to my diet. My family is not a huge fan of vegetables and I didn't like most of them. But being vegan is about not using animals but also about having a healthier life. To have all the vitamins I need I had to welcome a lot of new elements to my life. I learned to love some of them, but I still hate a few.

One of these vegetables that I really don't like is beetroot. It's has a beautiful colour, I have to say, but I can't stand the taste. It is an important vegetable however, rich in iron (and calcium, and zinc, and folic acid and vitamins B1, B2 and C). So if you like it, good for you!

A few weeks ago Matteo started to buy them and to make a juice (beet + orange). I tried and... nope. Can't drink it too. It wasn't the fist time I had it, I used to drink it many years ago in the place I used to work. It wasn't good, it's still not.

But in an effort to have at least a little bit of this precious vegetable I decided to make something that I really like with it to see if I could eat: risotto! So last Saturday I made a very creamy risotto with beets and zucchini - had to use something that I liked to balance it too.

The result was beautiful. Really, the pictures are not that great, but it looked great! It wasn't the best food on earth but I have to admit that I liked it. Matteo loved it, no doubts about it. But, yeah, I didn't hate it. I ate all my plate :)

If you want to try it, make your favourite risotto recipe and add small pieces of beetroot in the end (before 5 minutes to the end), so you won't cook it too much and it will keep most of its properties.


:LaJaguarCocinera: said...

Oi querida!
Também não sou muito fã de beterrabas... Mas o suco é tudodebom! :D
Esse risotto, fato vou fazer logo logo! Obrigada pela idéia!
Beijos 1000


Anonymous said...

What delicious ideas for beets! I used to hate them until fairly recently, but those bright red roots have finally won me over. I'll have to get a nice fresh bunch and try some of your suggestions!

Girl on Raw said...

Funny how you posted about beets when I have just started juicing them (but not with orange). You should try this recipe that I am LOVING right now...http://www.highonhealth.org/jammin-juice-recipe-for-body-detoxification/

Even if just for the girly colour ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, ótimo, risoto é a solução pra tudo nessa vida. eu sempre comi beterraba, mas conheço várias pessoas que odeiam. uma dica é colocar ela picadinha ou ralada no feijão. você já experimentou?

Glauce said...

Sim, essa sempre foi minha primeira opção e sigo fazendo aqui, mesmo no feijão em lata :P


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